Coty launch new fragrance: 001Coty

by Grant Osborne, 01st June, 2001

Coty Inc., today announced the launch of 001Coty, a new limited edition, unisex fragrance to be sold exclusively on the Internet at starting June 1, 2001. 001Coty is the first fragrance created by Coty Inc.'s Ideas+Image department, led by executive vice president, Douglas Toews, who also serves as the company's head creative director.

The launch of 001Coty marks the first time Coty Inc. has marketed a fragrance exclusively on the Internet. The fragrance will be produced in a limited edition of 5,000 bottles and will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Proceeds from the sale of 001Coty will help fund a new education and awards program initiated by Coty Inc. in the Fall of 2000 with the Parsons School of Design in New York City. Coty collaborated with Parsons instructors on a product design class. Two students received monetary prizes for their ingenious fragrance ideas. Coty Inc.'s ongoing commitment to the rich heritage of the fragrance industry was a starting point for the education and awards program.

Mr. Toews, developed 001Coty as the first in a planned series of limited edition concept fragrances designed to test the boundaries of what consumers expect from "the idea of a bottle of perfume." Noted Toews: "We want to challenge the perception of what a fragrance can and should be. When we created 001Coty we wanted every aspect of the product to provoke thought-from its design to its marketing." Toews says the company's goal is to "find the next generation of product designers who share the company's vision that consumer products should be entertaining and dynamic on all levels."

The launch of 001Coty is supported by a print and e-mail campaign. The advertising campaign for 001Coty was created entirely by Coty's in-house creative department, Coty's Ideas+Image. 001Coty ads will run in select art and fashion magazines such as Surface, Jalouse and V. As part of the campaign, Coty will create wild postings that will be visible in trendy and hip areas around New York City and Los Angeles. Word of mouth is expected to spark interest in 001Coty.

Renowned consulting firm Brown & Ryan worked in conjunction with Coty to develop the 001Coty web site. Like the fragrance, the site is experiential and transcendent.

The 001Coty fragrance was developed in association with Fragrance Resources. The fragrance, described as unique and highly conceptual, opens with a top note of almond blossom and marigold. The heart of the fragrance is Tuscan Magnolia with a "fresh electrostatic" accord. Tonka, warm woods, licorice and praline complete the fragrance. 001Coty is available in one size, a 1.4 fl. oz. cologne (41 ml) bottle priced at $100.

The 001Coty fragrance bottle was inspired by an early machine age Coty bottle, produced by Coty's own Glassworks in 1917. Coty Inc.'s Ideas+Image group studied the original design and in collaboration with the well-known perfume bottle maker Pochet, reinvented it for the future, creating the sleek 001Coty bottle and its soft rubber casing. The 001Coty bottle is the first limited edition ever to receive the endorsement of the International Perfume Bottle Association.

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