Bond celebrate ten years of boutique with Oud Perfume

by Grant Osborne, 10th November, 2009

New York fragrance house, Bond No.9, are celebrating ten years of their Bond Street boutique with a pure perfume, oud-based fragrance. According to Bond, the fragrance contains only four notes: Oud, Rose, Tonka and Musk.

They say:The world has many ouds, but here is an oud that could only come out of the fabled melting pot that is New York. Bond No. 9 Perfume contains four superbly harmonious East/West ingredients—the fewest of any Bond No. 9 fragrance (but no more were needed). Representing the Eastern world is earthy, sultry oud. Playing up against it is the rose, that epitome of refined sweetness, treasured in both the Middle East and the New World. Tonka beans from South America add to the heat with its caramel-almond flavor, while musk, inspired by the Asian musk deer, further underscores oud’s carnal nature. The fragrance is housed in a golden version of the signature Bond No.9 star-shaped flacon. Bond No.9 Perfume Oud is available from Bond No.9 stores and Saks 5th Avenue. Price - $330 for 3.4 oz.

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    • Redneck Perfumisto | 10th January 2010 22:25

      I'm wearing it right now, and it's awesome stuff. I just got a free sample yesterday (full disclosure and all that), but my wife and I had smelled it in the store and both of us loved it.

      I won't turn this into a full review, but I will say, this is an excellent choice as a "signature scent" for a house. In many ways, I would agree that it says "Bond no.9" more than anything else they could have chosen.

      I'll tell you, I knew what this smelled like, roughly, from trying it in the store, but wearing it just blows me away.

      Two great 10-year aniversaries this year! :thumbsup:

    • RHM | 10th January 2010 22:34

      I received a sample in the mail Friday. The first thing my daughter said was, "Mom, it smells exactly like Miss Laurice's shop!" It does too.Fantastic interpretation. I am really enjoying it.

    • Redneck Perfumisto | 10th January 2010 22:45

      +1 on the daughter! You've got a junior gonzo perfumista on your hands! That made my day!