New men's fragrance: Kanøn Norwegian Wood

by Grant Osborne, 12th January, 2010

Palm Beach Beauté, the company which acquired the rights to produce the classic Kanøn fragrance in 2008, has announced a new version of the men's scent, set to launch in 2010. The new fragrance is named Kanøn Norwegian Wood.

Palm Beach Beauté describe the new scent as:

...soothing woods and calming aromatics; a man’s fragrance close to the source.

With its famed brand signature of highly-defined masculine character Kanøn for Men introduces Kanøn Norwegian Wood. A new man’s scent which calms the soul through a specialized mix of perfectly-blended warm, natural woody essences. Impossible to resist and in one movement a perfect state of natural harmony and masculine presence.

The original Kanøn fragrance was launched in 1966 by Scannon.

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    • Grant (article author) | 12th January 2010 10:56

      Yes, I'm looking forward to sniffing it.

    • Grant (article author) | 12th January 2010 18:12

      @silverbullet. I don't think anyone carries it yet. Will update if/when I find out.

    • Dr_Rudi | 12th January 2010 21:32

      Wait for the flanker 'This Bird Has Flown' ...

    • Tubamann | 12th January 2010 22:41

      I wonder if Palm Beach Beauté has realized that "kanøn" doesn't mean anything in norwegian... The closest you get is "kanon" which means "cannon" or "incredibly drunk". Why not "tre" (wood), "bjørk" (birch) or "skog" (forest)?

    • furrypine | 13th January 2010 17:44

      For a Norwegian the name looks like a spelling mistake. If they plan on launching it in the Scandinavian countries they better get rid of the slash thru the O, at least then it makes (some) sense.

    • Sorcery of Scent | 13th January 2010 23:54

      Kanøn in Danish means "Canoe"... perhaps "Norwegian Canoe Wood"?

      Kanøn in Swedish means "Gun".... weirder still...

      And doesn't Kanøn in Norwegian mean "Canon"??

      Yeah, I think this is just a bunch of logo and packaging creatives throwing random " / 's " (slashes) around in an attempt to make the whole design aesthetic more Scandinavian. And we Northerners are left scratching our heads... lol!

    • Grant (article author) | 16th January 2010 11:35

      [QUOTE]Kanøn in Danish means "Canoe"[/QUOTE]

      Maybe it was a nod to Dana's Canoe!

    • Pollux | 25th January 2010 12:31

      This is called "linguistic fetishism", these kind of brands do not convey any linguistic meaning, just associations with the countries where that language is spoken. Thus, in this context don't ask for any meaning for "Kanøn".

    • kbe | 25th January 2010 13:22

      So...sort of a Norweigan Would? I am going to try it based on Grant's post

    • Doctor Mod | 25th January 2010 15:35

      Sort of like Häagen-Dazs.

      And it's not just linguistic fetishism but also Beatles fetishism. I'm sure it has nothing to do with Norway, nothing to do with canoes, nothing to do with the Beatles. Just a name with all sorts of allusory resonances for customer appeal.

      "Calms the soul?" "A perfect state of natural harmony and masculine presence?" Somehow, I don't think that's what the song is all about....

    • speakerwire | 22nd February 2010 16:37

      It's carried by some of the online fragrance stores (fragrancex etc.).