Sex Panther Cologne: 60% of the time, it works every time

by Grant Osborne, 18th November, 2008

Fan's of the Will Ferrell movie Anchorman will now be able to get their hands on the until-now-fictional fragrance Sex Panther. The fragrance which features in the movie (alongside colognes such as London Gentleman and Blackbeard's Delight) is now available to buy in real life as a result of a collaboration between Paramount Pictures, Romane Fragrances and Omni Consumer Products.

Unlike in the film, this version does not contain real bits of panther. More information about the fragrance is found in the press release:

Officially licensed from the Will Ferrell movie Anchorman, Sex Panther Cologne is a uniquely-formulated men's fragrance, designed to be as instantly recognizable and upscale as the infamous name would suggest. The bottle is a refined silica glass, with triple black velvet-matte ceramique spray, and the cologne itself is a formidable scent, with crisp overtones of sandalwood, pine, vetiver, and a clean base of dry, rich mahogany.

"Sex Panther Cologne is the exact embodiment of what a real cologne should be," said Omni Consumer Products founder, Pete Hottelet. "The fragrance is clean, fresh, and extremely manly. Manly like eating a bowl of cereal doused in motor oil, consisting mainly of shavings from the Apollo moon lander and Richard Petty's championship 1970 Plymouth Superbird. Manly like walking into a bar and ordering a screwdriver -- made out of actual screwdrivers. It's designed from the ground up to make you popular with the ladies; human ladies, to be exact. So I hope that's what you're into."

It appears that this fragrance was launched last year. It is unclear whether this is the same juice or something different.

Since the film's release in 2004, Sex Panther has often been discussed in the Basenotes Community. Here are just a few threads devoted to it:

Available now from for $29.99

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    • supracuhz | 19th November 2008 01:32

      Yep, it's made with bits of real panther, so you know it's good.

    • gmm150 | 19th November 2008 22:07

      It's illegal in 9 countries!

    • Mindbrain | 20th November 2008 02:13

      Thanks for the news, Grant...I look forward to testing this fragrance out! LOL

    • djobeat | 21st November 2008 01:06

      Which country does this fragrance released? I am so gonna sample it!

    • Mekanic | 21st November 2008 03:52

      I hope I can find this somewhere. Not only is it a legend, but if the notes are accurate it sounds like a frag I would enjoy.

    • Lenny5160 | 21st November 2008 05:44

      Unfortunately, according to the press release it has been reformulated (gasp!) and no longer contains bits of real panther. Therefore, we no longer know it's good.

    • Maz24 | 21st November 2008 05:50

      My friend Ron told me that Sex Panther is "quite pungent. It's a formidable scent, it stings the a good way." He also told me that it "smells like pure gasoline."

      My other friend Veronica told me that it smells like "a used diaper... filled with Indian food!"

      And finally the last review came from Garth Holliday, who said that it smells like "a turd covered in burnt hair."

      Sounds good! I am looking forward to it. Stay classy my friends.

    • gmm150 | 22nd November 2008 03:11

      Smells like bigfoot's Di?k

    • Mengels | 24th November 2008 02:05

      Hah it's been years. Thanks.

    • irish | 24th November 2008 02:46

      That was the best scene of an awfull movie (as all movies with Will Ferrell).

      Black Panther: Kouros Clone :grin: (though 40% less effective) :thumbsup:

    • anak | 24th November 2008 03:14

      You haven't seen Stranger than Fiction! Clever movie. Marc Forester rocks (he needs to stay away from Bond though, BAD).

      I need to buy Sex Panther. It's the sort of kitsch I'm a sucker for, like Sex Appeal with the writing on the box.

      - Al

    • Bon et Copieux | 21st July 2016 02:25



    • hednic | 21st July 2016 02:34

      I missed this thread when it first appeared. Entertaining. :smiley: