Ann Gottleib designs Lynx Twist

by Grant Osborne, 14th January, 2010

Unilever have announced Lynx Twist (known in the US as Axe). The new fragrance was designed by Ann Gottleib and takes a nod to traditional high-end fragrances as it features top, middle and base notes, so that the fragrance changes over time. Previously Axe / Lynx fragrances tended to stay constant with their aroma.

According to Lynx: "The scent starts with fresh citrusy accords ensuring guys make a good first impression, it then twists to smoother notes and finishes with woody base notes with depth and complexity to keep the girl tantalised and intrigued. Developed by Lynx fragrance experts in collaboration with renowned ‘nose’ Ann Gottleib, the transition of Lynx Twist takes the consumer on a journey usually reserved for wearers of more expensive rarer scents. Twist highlights how Lynx is bringing high end scent change dynamics to a broader audience, and reflects the brand’s recognition that the concept of fragrances evolving in a more exaggerated fashion is set to become a key trend for 2010."

Ann Gottleib explains: ‘We were able to create a fragrance that is sparkling with the top note of kaffir lime making you almost taste the fragrance, and as you wear it, it evolves into something that is sexier and warmer.’

The fragrance is available in all formats across the Lynx Range including Body Spray, Lynx Bullet, Anti-Perspirant and Shower Gel. The Shower Gel gives guys the fresh boost they need in the morning, leaving skin lingering with a masculine woodiness. The Body Spray then combines the woody smoothness left on the skin from showering, with the fresh scent of green citrus - reinforcing the longevity of the fragrance and creating a layering effect on the skin which works perfectly in tandem.

Available as: Lynx Twist Body Spray, Shower Gel, Bullet, Anti-Perspirant.

To let people know about the fragrances changing ability, they have produced this humorous advertisement.

There is a slightly naughtier alternative ending too, if you go looking on YouTube.

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    • Redneck Perfumisto | 17th January 2010 23:02

      I will definitely try this one. I found Axe Kilo very interesting - almost shockingly good at its price point. I'm a fan of some of her other work as well, including Euphoria Men. Looking forward to sniffing it.

      Funny ad, too. But the clips warning against either huffing or lighting up Axe are very hilarious as well (and probably rather effective).