Flowerbomb banned in Oslo airport

by Grant Osborne, 26th April, 2006

Basenotes' visitor's favourite, Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf has been banned from duty free shops in Oslo so that "extremists will not be tempted to use it as a prop" according to Yahoo! News

The Flowerbomb bottle, which is shaped like a hand grenade, was withdrawn after a Norwegian passenger was found carrying the bottle in her hand luggage at Beavais airport.

A similar incident happened in 2003 in Philadelphia International Airport when a international student was held for four hours after carrying a bottle of Diesel Green - shaped like a bottle of garden fertilizer.


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    • PigeonMurderer | 26th April 2006 10:14

      I wonder what they would think about this at the airport...

      Gilles Cantuel : Arsenal Blue/Red EdT (for men)

    • Smoth_007 | 26th April 2006 14:45

      What happends if a passenger buys it outside the airport and brings it with them on their trip? ::)

    • eric | 27th April 2006 16:27

      Yeah, real scary, an extremist with a bottle of Victor&Rolf. Maybe one of those "Pink Fashion Brigade " extremists.

      Now, an extremist with a bottle of Kouros, THAT's scary!