Marian Bendeth wins award for Basenotes article

by Grant Osborne, 08th May, 2009

Congratulations to Marian Bendeth, who has picked up a Canadian Fragrance Award for her article on Kilian Hennessey which was published by Basenotes last year. Marian also picked up awards in 2007 and 2008 for articles written for Basenotes.



You can read all of Marian's articles for Basenotes here.

This is the second editorial award Basenotes has won this year -- Liz Upton, who also writes for Basenotes picked up a Jasmine Award in March.

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    • Amit | 9th May 2009 08:03

      Congrats! :thumbsup:

    • Redneck Perfumisto | 10th May 2009 23:58

      Definitely - congratulations to both Marian and Grant! :D An excellent article and interview - very deserving of the award.

    • Brielle87 | 11th May 2009 00:08

      Huge round of applause, it was an award worthy article, intelligent and insightful. Congratulations!!

    • Sillage6 | 11th May 2009 01:51

      Thank you for your kind support and words!

      Cheers to Kilian Hennessy for his passion and to Grant for publishing this story! We are all thrilled to receive this honour!

      Marian Bendeth

    • Dr_Rudi | 11th May 2009 07:17

      Congratulations. It's great to get the recognition.

      Can I add a "plus" for my personal favourite of actually being able to read a question and answer interview (it's often so annoying to see answers to questions when you don't know what the question was, and quotes dragged in from anywhere). Thanks.