Aramis to relaunch eight classic scents in new Gentleman's Collection

by Grant Osborne, 20th July, 2009

This Autumn sees the launch of Aramis' Gentleman's Collection: A set of eight classic Aramis fragrances all housed in the same bottle design.

The scents included in the Aramis Gentleman's Collection are:

Aramis 900 (1973) was created by perfumer Bernard Chant and is a masculine interpretation of (Aramis' sister-brand) Clinique's Aromatic Elixir

Devin (1978) also by Bernard Chant is a fresh green fragrance and was the recipient of a FiFi award that year.

JHL (1982) Created by Estee Lauder for her husband, whose initials were JHL. (Joseph Harold Lauder).

Tuscany (1984) An Italian themed fragrance with notes of patchouli, bergamot and geranium.

New West (1988) An oceanic calone based fragrance.

Havana (1994) a distinctive scent with notes of juniper, grapefruit, cumin, pepper, tobacco, patchouli and vanilla 

Aramis Life (2003) was launched with the face of tennis star Andre Agassi with notes of bergamot, cucumber, cedarwood and leather.

Aramis Always (2006) was created by Jean-Claude Delville and contains notes of lime, ginger, lemon, mandarin, cedar and vetiver.

Leonard Lauder, chairman emeritus of the Estée Lauder Companies, said "The Gentleman’s Collection by Aramis embraces coveted classics, I love the concept of discovering something old that is new again. The Gentleman’s Collection is like a wardrobe of fragrances, each one for a different day, a different mood. The collection has new appeal to our loyal customers and is an opportunity for new customers to discover."

Each fragrance is available as 100ml fragrance and is expected to retail at $48. The range launched in Bergdorf Goodman in September before widening distribution in October.

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    • Oaksbluff | 20th July 2009 14:13

      Holy sweet jesus!

      I can't wait to try all these oft-discussed gems at such a price.

      Yay, re-released classics!

    • MemoryServes | 20th July 2009 15:48

      Excellent news! 48$ for a 3.4oz bottle of havana / jhl! In case they won't be reformulated I'll definitely feel bit sorry for anyone that'd paid the big bucks for a bottle of Havana ph on ebay. :D

    • cpk | 20th July 2009 21:28

      Now that's what I call intelligent marketing. The new bottles have class written all over them and they are sure to get great sales. Let's only hope they won't mess too much with the formulas.

    • KMF | 20th July 2009 22:36

      I guess this is Aramis' answer to Givenchy's Mythical line...

    • ortho123 | 20th July 2009 23:48

      Will Havana finally drop a bomb on the slightly overrated Tommy Bahama?

    • Sloan | 20th July 2009 23:55

      Out with the new and in with the old. This is good news.

    • Simon Moon | 20th July 2009 23:59

      This is great news!

      Unfortunately I can't seem to get that evil word, "reformulation" out of my mind....argghhhh!

    • ortho123 | 21st July 2009 00:06

      Let's all pause briefly and consider how so much of the "new" has been almost alike...

    • kbe | 21st July 2009 00:54

      Not reformulated? I won't hold my breath...but maybe I will have too

    • Kevin Guyer | 21st July 2009 03:38

      I just saw the bottom fall out of the Havana re-sale market - it looked just like space junk. ;)

    • zr0e | 21st July 2009 05:09

      Vintage Havana will probably increase in price with increased awareness and a lack of availability. That is, if it is indeed reformulated.

    • thebeck | 21st July 2009 09:11

      For me, going back to Aramis is like getting back together with my ex wife. An old love, but do I really want to go back - I think not. Been there, done that.

    • furrypine | 21st July 2009 11:06

      Thanks for the link. I see that Escentual is not anywhere near suggested retail price, How did 48 USD translate into 44 GBP? Sigh...

    • Griff | 21st July 2009 18:30

      Sure. It's good news. But it's an incomplete collection. Where is Portos? Chromatics? Surface?

    • shamu1 | 21st July 2009 19:34

      I believe Portos was a Balenciaga fragrance, not an Aramis one.

    • MFJ | 21st July 2009 20:41

      Though I've never bought any fragrance on ebay, I decided to do a search. Prices do seem to have been set with Basenoters in mind..... 1.7oz AFTERSHAVE at 90, 1.7oz EDT at 160.... *faints*

    • ChuckW | 21st July 2009 20:47

      I have to say, I am fired UP for this launch! Lord willing, I will be picking up both the Havanna and the JHL.

    • jellybean1973 | 21st July 2009 21:15

      Aramis also did one called Portos - according to the directory it was launched in 1985.

    • Otto | 21st July 2009 22:17

      [SIZE="3"]Oh Yeah to Havana.....Please don't mess with my Havana.



    • AromiErotici | 26th July 2009 16:08

      How many members are going to immediately blind-buy JHL, Havana and the others?:rolleyes:

    • petruccijc | 26th July 2009 16:23

      Most of these are still readily available (JHL, Tuscany, Aramis 900, Devin, New West, etc.), so seems strange that they are being "relaunched". And the $48 price tag is more then what some of them cost now.

    • AromiErotici | 6th August 2009 13:38

      Has anyone heard what month they are relaunching the Havana?