New fragrance from Halle Berry: Pure Orchid

by Sandra Rose, 18th January, 2010

Following the success of Halle Berryís debut fragrance Halle in 2009, Coty have announced that they are launching a limited edition floral fragrance called Halle Pure Orchid.

Pure Orchid has been created by Rodrigo Flores-Roux and Christophe Raynaud from Givaudan, and will include notes of jungle cactus flower, lemon, blackberry creme, star anise, masdevallia orchid, giant sequoia and patchouli.

The fragrance will be in shops from February 2010, and will be available as a 1oz and 0.5oz eau de parfum.

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    • Doc Elly | 22nd January 2010 06:15

      Masdevallia orchid? Really? The masdevallias that I grow either have little or no scent or smell like something that you would not want anywhere near your body. I guess pure masdevallia's not so bad when it's composed of "jungle cactus", blackberry creme and giant sequoia.

    • DollyDagger64 | 25th January 2010 11:58

      On a lark I took a sniff of this at Target of all place and all I can say is STINKORAMA. Yuck.