Creed announce NYC store

by Grant Osborne, 22nd September, 2009

Creed have announced that they are to open a stand-alone store in New York City in time for the  holiday season. The company have signed a lease to open a 400 square foot boutique in the landmark building at 794 Madison Avenue on the northwest corner of 67th Street in New York.

“The debut of Creed’s first ever store on New York’s most prestigious retail corridor sets the stage for Creed’s 250th anniversary celebration,” said Emmanuel and Thomas Saujet, CEO and President, respectively, of New York-based International Cosmetics & Perfumes, Inc, Creed’s authorized distributor in the U.S. and Canada. “We proudly choose New York to be first in what will be a collection of CREED boutiques across North America,” Messrs. Saujet added.

Beyond a festive opening this year, the New York store will offer clients special events and commemorative goods throughout the next 16 months to celebrate Creed’s 250th year in business, which occurs in 2010, Messrs. Saujet said.

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    • The Bark | 22nd September 2009 15:00

      It would be funny if they were located at 10 Bond St.

    • penelope99 | 22nd September 2009 18:58

      I wouldn't be surprised! Creed copies everything that Bond does anyways.. thats the only reason that they have somewhat stayed in business over the years with their disgusting, overpriced fragrances..

    • DocmanCC | 22nd September 2009 22:15

      Indeed :huh:

      penelope99, it's generally the other way around. Bond No 9 has been in business for only 5 years yet has developed a collection of 35+ perfumes. Many believe (myself included) that a large number of those perfumes are VERY similar to Creed, some of which preceded the Bond reinterpretations by over 20 years.

    • SirSlarty | 23rd September 2009 00:13

      I'm gonna go into the store wearing Cool Water, Unforgivable and/or Joop! Homme.

      Sarcasm aside, glad to see a perfume company trying to succeed in the US.

    • Stereotomy | 23rd September 2009 00:20

      I believe this store has been visited by King Charles the Great IV in 1382.


    • AZsmells | 23rd September 2009 01:52

      I dare someone to go into the store and ask them what Creed should I wear to be a chick magnet?

    • Maz24 | 23rd September 2009 09:56

      hahahahaha....too funny. Maybe you can ask them if they carry Green Frich tweed. :)

    • adonis | 23rd September 2009 17:55

      The used to be at No 9 Bond St. True.

    • 55karl | 25th September 2009 23:03

      DocManCC you must work for Creed huh? If you know soo much about the brand.. What store do you work in? I may wanna pay you a visit..