Mia Morrison launches Perfume Profiling service to help consumers find their perfect fragrance

23rd June, 2014

Mia Morrison, a fragrance consultant based in Brisbane, Australia has launched perfumeprofiling.com – an online service to "help individuals find the fragrances suited especially to their personality, interests and lifestyle".

Frustrated with guessing what to buy herself and loved ones, plus being sold the latest edition of what’s on promotion in department stores, Mia always thought that there has got to be a better way to find the perfect perfume. “It is really important for people to smell nice which in turn makes you feel great and confident. Wearing the ideal scent for you highlights who you are, your core strengths and can really bring out your personality”. Until she received a fragrance from a friend which got her thinking about an online consultation. “From then I realised there was nothing like it out there and I began to hear conversations of women talking to other women about how it was really difficult for them to find a perfume they loved”.

Mia has been in the perfume industry for several years with experience in perfume retail, consultations, training, masterclasses, and working with the best people in the industry when she lived in Europe.

Mia says that every perfume on her list must have high quality ingredients, be from respected and genuine global perfumeries, be composed by renowned perfumers in the industry, have quality flacon and packaging and have overwhelming positive reviews from perfume lovers on basenotes.net

“Perfumes may have a story of a love affair, or a journey someone has embarked upon, or even an image of independency and sophistication of the wearer. This is why it is always best to sample the fragrance on your skin and notice the story change, from top to middle to base notes.” says Morrison. 

The service comes with a guarantee of satisfaction, so if you are not satisfied with the fragrances chosen, you will have 100% money-back guarantee.

It takes less than ten minutes to complete, with the option of saving and going back to it at a more convenient time. It is completely safe, secure, and confidential. For a limited time Mia has priced her Perfume Profiling Consultation at AUD$29. (usual price : AUD$79)

You can find out more at: PerfumeProfiling.com

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    • melancholybaby | 26th June 2014 23:34

      I thought this might be a fun exercise, and for $29AU, it was not excessive. Well, I completed the questionnaire and got an immediate reply with 5 suggestions...ALL of which are fragrances that I have tested before, and that I have NOT liked (indeed, there is even one of the five which I thoroughly disliked on my skin..). I did email Mia with my concerns - we'll see what, if anything, happens. But at this point, I would say BUYER BEWARE!

      5 days later, and one more email to Mia, and nothing; no reply, no acknowledgement, not even a bare minimum "sorry you were not happy...".

      UPDATE: On receiving a survey from Mia, I reiterated my concerns. Within 24 hours, I had received the reply below, as well as a refund for my consultation fee. So I would like to let everyone know that Mia is indeed as good as her word! Thanks, Mia

    • Perfume Profiler | 25th July 2014 01:39

      Hello Melancholybaby,

      I am so sorry about your experience and I am even more sorry I have just been made aware of this! Unfortunately I didn't receive an email from you, if I was aware I would have done something sooner. So my sincere apologies for not getting back to you regarding your dissatisfaction.

      This is my first ever complaint and I want to make it up to you. I have spent many years researching into everything about each fragrance on my database, the questions I ask and the answers I provide.

      I have refunded you the cost of the perfume profiling consultation and I will look into your recommendations and see if there is anything I can do so I do get 100% satisfaction from all my clients.

      Once again I am really sorry. If you would like to call me, please do on 0424 424 737 or my email is [email]Mia@PerfumeProfiling.com[/email]. If that email doesn't work, I am contactable on [email]AustralianPerfumeAddicts@hotmail.com[/email].

      Yours truly

      Mia Morrison