Chandler Burr's Untitled S02E03 Available now!

23rd July, 2014

For those of you taking part in Chandler Burr's Untitled Series, the third fragrance in series two is now available. As the last scent in the series sold out in less than six hours, you may wish to head on over to LuckyScent now...

Chandler Burr says of S02E03:

I'm particularly interested in S02E03 because of its progenitor's impact, vaster and deeper than it's almost possible to say. It changed the state of the art completely--violently in fact; before its launch it was either laughed at (there was simply no way people would want to smell like this any more than people would want to smell like makeup) or despised because this was--it was felt--an affront to the art, a stylistic degradation of it by the application of a shockingly inappropriate aesthetic.

What it was in fact was the first great work of scent in one of the most important schools of art in the 20th century, a school that was used in music, painting, sculpture, and notably architecture, where it still has huge influence.

Episode 03 is a very interesting and, in my view, successful work. Exactly as architects have done--I think of Tadao Ando and how he has brilliantly reconceptualized Le Corbusier's mid-20th-century shocking, brutal work into early-21st-century buildings with gentleness and humanity--the creative director and the artists they worked with have reconceptualized E03's proto-form to create a 21st-century evolution. E03 is deeply true to the sculptural form of its progenitor and yet reflects advances in materials and changes in culture and style. This is a tricky feat, both technically and aesthetically. And they've pulled it off beautifully.

More information at LuckyScent.

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