Aeropostale create fragrance for YouTube star Bethany Mota

05th August, 2014

Aeropostale have created the debut fragrance for YouTube star Bethany Mota. The fragrance: Bethany Mota Eau de Parfum contains top notes of bergamot, red berries and white peach; cotton candy, praline and strawberry flower feature in the heart; and a dry down of vanilla sugar, crystallized musk and creamy woods.

"Designing my fashion line with Aero has been such a dream, and since my viewers and I are on this journey together, I wanted us to have a fragrance that's fresh and new just in time for back to school," says Mota. "I was involved in every aspect of bringing this to life, from choosing the perfect scent to designing the bottle, which adds that extra personalized touch that will leave a lasting impression."

"We are thrilled to continue and expand our partnership with Bethany," says Emilia Fabricant, Executive Vice President at Aeropostale. "Bethany Mota is authentic and our core customers closely identify with her. She is a wonderful role model, has been an Aeropostale customer herself for years, and is a truly natural fit for the brand."

The Bethany Mota Eau de Parfum retails for $25 (1.7oz) and its shimmer perfume roller ball is priced at $12.

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    • Aromahead | 7th August 2014 05:30


      But how do you become a Youtube star? Just curious

    • edshepp | 8th August 2014 12:04

      I'd like to know the same thing! How DOES one become a YouTube star??

    • deadidol | 8th August 2014 15:32

      I'm not convinced such a thing exists. I have no idea who this person is or what she's contributed to the world. I took a look online, but I still can't tell who/what she is/does. Perhaps you're a YouTube star if you say you are?

      [EDIT]: According to this piece, she's a fashion designer and role model. Perhaps YouTube stardom is a side gig or something?

    • mumsy | 8th August 2014 16:07

      Youth and beauty. Sells perfume every time.

    • throwbookatface | 10th August 2014 18:38

      She basically hosts a fashion and beauty-based TV show... it just happens to be on YouTube. She's been incredibly successful and self-made. Better her than another One Direction fragrance; I don't see why skepticism needs to be pointed in her direction. If anything I find it likeable that she's found fame and success by just filming herself on YouTube without the support of Hollywood or a channel like E!.

    • deadidol | 10th August 2014 19:18

      Very cool! Surprised I've never heard of her until now.

    • Aromahead | 16th August 2014 12:07

      No skeptism, just curious! I wish her well