New fragrance from Sarah Jessica Parker: SJP NYC

by Sandra Rose, 21st January, 2010

Sarah Jessica Parker has announced a new fragrance in her collection: SJP NYC. The fragrance has been created by Honorine Blanc from Firmenich, and will be available from March 2010.

The top notes will include mandarin, white acanthus and strawberries leading to a heart of gardenia, honeysuckle , mimosa and red rose. The base is a blend of musk, sandalwood, vanilla and rum.

SJP NYC will be available in a 15ml, 30ml and 60ml eau de toilette and as a 200ml body lotion.

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    • Flora | 22nd January 2010 05:04

      It sounds really sweet, but I will give it a chance since some of the notes sound unusual. At least it comes in 15 and 30 ml sizes - a lot more of that from perfume companies would be nice!

    • Grant | 22nd January 2010 12:04

      Were seeing a lot more scents arriving in smaller bottles, which is good news for people like us, with more fragrances than we could possibly ever wear!

    • Susy | 25th January 2010 21:06

      I'm a little surprised by the tacky bottle. But I'll gladly reserve judgment on the perfume 'til I've tried a sample.

    • Guest 3 | 27th January 2010 21:06

      I can't wait to try this one. The notes seem fun, and I like the fun "tacky" packaging, too. :)

    • Mimi Gardenia | 27th January 2010 21:37

      Well, it sounds interesting with some of my fave notes- gardenia, honeysuckle . Musk ,vanilla, sandalwood and rum sounds lovely though .

      I really thought SJP's next perfume would be truer to what she likes wearing though- dirtier, deeper, musky.

      Cute bottles !

    • Giustino | 27th January 2010 22:06

      Bottle design looks like crap. More like a candystore item.

    • lauermar | 29th January 2010 02:53

      My daughter and I helped to pick out the name, bottle design and components of SJP NYC. Members of got emails 2 years ago inviting us to submit ideas for a new concept fragrance. The survey was about 15 frames long, asking us to answer multiple choice questions on what ingredients we'd rather have, choose among 3 bottle designs, maybe 4 possible names, and what do the initials SJP NYC remind us of. The package selection and name were exactly what we picked. Apparently many others did too. We liked the idea of strawberries over a vanilla, sandalwood or musk base note.

    • Serenity* | 30th January 2010 21:19

      The notes don't sound that bad.. but I would've probably used another design for the bottle. Nothing I'd be interested in.

    • Paxinne | 4th January 2011 05:05

      I like the bottle It looks like a scrapbook with roses peaking out of the designs and the choice of pink is great for those like myself who admire. Its versatile because it opens up and the clear bottle could be popped out of the bottle. I like it though so I keep my fragrance in it. Great if you accidently dropped it. Everyone has different taste. :smiley: