UK's first cricket-themed fragrance is Cover Drive... Howzat!

by Judith Brockless, 07th August, 2014

The UK’s first cricket-themed fragrance has been launched by the Twenty20 Cricket Company, the aptly named Cover Drive, described as ‘a fresh fragrance conjuring memories of sunlit cricket fields, with hints of grass, wood and leather, and a long lasting, dry, musky finish.’

All profits from the sales of Cover Drive will help the development of deaf cricket in the UK, supporting community projects that target younger players. Steve Pearce, CEO and Co-Founder of Omega Ingredients, who created the fragrance, said: 'As a cricket player, coach and avid supporter, I wanted to use my professional skills and links within the game to support the development of deaf cricket in the UK.'

Darren Talbot, Community Cricket Director of the Twenty20 Cricket Company, said: 'There are less than a hundred cricketers participating in deaf cricket and we are working closely with the England Cricket Association for the Deaf and the English Cricket Board to help produce deaf cricketers of the future. The development of Cover Drive will help us achieve our goals and I am thrilled to be working with Omega Ingredients in developing and launching it.'

Cover Drive is currently available from the Twenty20 Cricket Company for £15.49 plus £2.99 postage & packaging. According to them: 'Twenty20 Community Cricket's fragrance is as classy as an Ian Bell cover drive and the lady in your life will be bowled over!’

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    • Kaern | 7th August 2014 16:59

      I could be wrong, but I don't think it's going to hit me for six

    • Darjeeling | 8th August 2014 11:41

      Ah, manicured lawns and the crack of leather on willow. Now if it only featured a sweaty box accord to keep the Basenotes faithful happy.

    • deadidol | 9th August 2014 07:57

      Let's see if it lasts as long as a cricket match!

    • Darjeeling | 13th August 2014 08:09

      Unfortunately the 20 20 version of cricket only lasts a few hours. Awaiting the test match flanker with 5 days longevity.

    • fuzzybutt59 | 13th September 2014 04:33

      Already available on Ebay,the fragrance had good longevity on me & smelled divine.