Roja Dove launches Fortnum & Mason exclusive, and relaunches book

10th September, 2014

Taif Aoud is the latest fragrance by Roja Parfums, and is an exclusive fragrance to London store, Fortnum & Mason. Dove has also relaunched his 2008 book, The Essence of Perfume with new information and updates.

The fragrance features top notes of bergamot; heart notes include taif rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, geranium, blackcurrant and clove; and a dry down of patchouli, oud and vanilla.

Dove says:

The rich heritage of Fortnum & Mason inspired me to create a fragrance that embodies this hallmark of British finery. With a composition built around rose the emblem of England the olfactive quality of Taif Aoud stands as a symbol of the regal approval that was and continues to be, bestowed upon the store since 1707

Taif Aoud is available as 50ml Extrait and has been designed to accompany the Fortnum & Mason candle, created by Dove for the store.

Dove's The Essence of Perfume book has been relaunched. (our review of the 2008 version is here) He says:

Writing this book has been one of the most intense experiences of my life it is an account of my personal outlook and experience of the fragrance industry, and the knowledge of perfumery that I have gained over my career.

The new version of the book has new chapters, new images and parts have been updated and rewritten.

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    • gimmegreen | 10th September 2014 19:17

      I'd be curious to hear people's opinions of this one. I must admit to being underwhelmed; it came across as quite a diffident creation that wasn't a patch on the blinding beauty of Dove's earlier ouds. This may of course have been because I was trying it on a paper strip in Fortnum and Mason's perfume hall which positively reeks of horsey ouds, so perhaps the ambient odour had something to do with my peception of it.