Bulgari launch exclusive collection inspired by gems, " Le Gemme"

12th September, 2014

Bulgari have launched a collection of six fragrances called "Le Gemme", the range has been created in collaboration with Givaudan perfumer Daniela Andrier. The company say "Inspired by the tradition of High Jewellery and its values of excellence and uniqueness, Bulgari enters the exclusive sphere of Haute Parfumerie with Le Gemme Collection."

Each of of the six fragrances is inspired by a different gem. Perfumer, Andrier says:

“In writing these six perfumes, I based myself on the colour of stones, on the magic which allows light to travel right through them, a rare phenomenon in the world. In this very intuitive work, I addressed the memory of ancestral beliefs on stones and fragrances like a deep-seated emotion which radiates from them. But perfume is first and foremost a poetic relationship with oneself. The imaginative world it brings to life is entirely “composed” of emotions which are unique to every one of us.

The fragrances are:

Ashlemah (the Amethyst)

Inspired by the brilliance and the tender harmony of this iridescent violet-blue gem, Ashlemah is crafted with lavender, iris and violet. Contrasting with the delicacy of lavender and the softness of violet, the iris rhizome’s powdery and woody notes play with those of the heliotrope, a blue South American bush. This choice evokes the duality which opposes the iris - considered a treasure by perfumers - to lavender: the first is buried in the ground, the other reaches for the sun. A perfect balance between yin and yang...

Noorah (the Turquoise)

A “hot and cold” aspect with a very oriental and cheerful character, where the notes of galbanum, cardamon, iris, benzoin resin, tobacco and oak answer each other. Allowing glimpses of a touch of patchouli oil, and the addictive and tactile notes of vanilla. Its tempting aroma of gingerbread, crystallised dates, and even of nargile, evokes the scents of the Silk Road and the Spice Road that Marco Polo travelled in the 13th century across mountains and deserts, to the summer residence of the Great Khan - a journey which enabled him to write his fabulous “catalogue” of the wonders of the world.

Amarena (the Tourmaline)

At the origin of Amarena lies the association between the pinky-red of the most beautiful tourmalines and their evocation in nature of a powerful trio: violet with its flowery and fruity facets, “crystallised” sensual tuberose, powdery and inviting centifolia rose. There is almost a note of Morello cherry in this juicy fragrance which recalls a pomegranate: a plant which has symbolised fertility and love since time immemorial

Lilaia (the Peridot)

Playing between the vegetal and the floral, with the impetuous vibrations of spring sap, the luminous notes of Lilaia bring an unexpected softness to this very green, nearly crunchy juice. It combines mastic, an exquisitely elegant Mediterranean plant similar to the pistachio tree whose leaves are strongly aromatic when crushed, and the nobile galbanum, whose woody resinous notes are the only ones which exist in the natural world. Its aromas are like no other, mixed with peppermint, bitter orange and the slightly smoked, grassy tobacco-like notes of mate, with the scent of mandarin and orange leaves creeping through.

Maravilla (the Citrine)

Maravilla is a hymn to light. The radiant and joyful chypre is literally carried by the citrus which brings its intense and festive character. Enhanced by velvety and powerful notes of peach, jasmin and patchouli, the fragrance is glorified by the pure and rare acethyvenol, produced from vetiver acetate. This sophisticated molecular treatment transforms it into a scent of remarkable finesse.

The citrine evoked by Maravilla oscillates between very pale yellow and gold, recalling, like the citrus, the colours of the Mediterranean countries these sunny gems come from. A stone that the Greeks wore on rings or on pendants for its creative energy and its protective force, it is also said to purify the skin and calm anxiety.

Calaluna (the Moonstone)

With its milky, rather strange, nearly lunar aspect, the moonstone is one of the most poetic gems. Calaluna expresses this slightly opaque and milky appearance in a symphony of notes of sandalwood, cardamon, and tender and almondy heliotrope. Prolonged by a radiance which is as powerful as it is sumptuous, a key note is that of ambrette whose pear accent enhances the velvet of this chiaroscuro olfactory pyramid.

Its name comes from Sanskrit shandra lanti or ray of the moon. A Sinhalese legend, from the island which provides the most beautiful moonstones, tells how the rays of our closest star were transformed into a gem with magical powers... Its bluish or whitish reflections are caused by adularescence, creating a network of light diffraction and producing its unique shimmer.

The range is available as 30ml, 100ml and a whopping 350ml Eau de Parfum. The collection is available in Harrods in the UK, and will come to the USA in 2015.

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    • Kaern | 12th September 2014 13:34

      Inspired by gems? You have to have an angle I suppose

      All feminine by the look of it

    • Grant | 12th September 2014 14:11

      Well, they are a jewellery company so I suppose it's not too bad! ;)

      And yes, all feminine.

    • Kaern | 12th September 2014 15:44

      ^^^Point taken

    • thelaila | 17th May 2017 00:41

      These are extremely hard to find in the States. Anyone have luck?

    • hednic | 17th May 2017 12:57

      Don't recall having ever seen them in my area.