Fragrance Event: Scratch + Sniff @ The Book Club, London. Feb 9th

by Grant Osborne, 28th January, 2010

Scratch + Sniff is an event for fragrance lovers being held in a new venue: The Book Club, East London on February 9th. The evening is hosted by (pun alert) Odette Toilette, who is partnering with Les Senteurs for 'a multi-sensory workshop that leads you into the untapped world of smell and creativity'.

Lizzie Ostrom who is organising the event told Basenotes that: "I don't want to say too much at this stage, as this would ruin the surprise, but what I can say is this:

  • It will take participants on an olfactory adventure.

  • It will open their minds as to the links between smells and other creative disciplines.

  • It will invite us to consider perfume as an art in itself - developing the delight people experienced at reading perfume the guide, we'll really push the argument that you can appreciate a great perfume as you can any other kind of art.

  • Because the evening will be about creative and personal interpretations of perfume, Scratch + Sniff should have something of interest from beginners just embarking on their perfume journey, through to old hands!

  • Excitingly, Les Senteurs are partnering with me on this event, and will be helping me to run some great, participative elements.

Basically anyone who'd like to come should arrive noses clear, an open mind, and most definitely should avoid spraying on any perfume before they come...

At the moment, Scratch + Sniff is new and an experiment, but I'm really keen to explore ways it might be able to develop into something more regular. So would really appreciate the feedback from the Basenotes community. "

Those interest can find out how to book at the link below.


  • Tuesday 9th February at 7pm

  • At The Book Club, 100 Leonard Street, Shoreditch, London EC2A 4RH

  • Nearest Tube: Old Street

  • Tickets are £5 on the door including a glass of wine.

  • Advance registration is advised as places are limited: Pre-register at

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    • illyria | 29th January 2010 17:28

      This looks interesting!

    • hilaryjane | 30th January 2010 11:57

      Excellent ! I've just booked for this.

    • ppf | 31st January 2010 15:20

      Would loved to attend if I lived in the London area

      Is anything every planned in the Midlands

    • OdetteToilette | 1st February 2010 15:30

      Hi PPF - This is the first event, and if all goes well I would love to do more around the UK, need to find out how many people wld be interested etc, but in principle, would be great to do more.

      Hilary, look forward to meeting you next week!

    • illyria | 9th February 2010 21:02

      *sob* I missed it!

      I was registered and allowed plenty of time - or so I thought. But I couldn't even find the street!

      Pathetic, I know. But I'm not familar with the area, and though the map online made it look easy to find, I got totally lost. It doesn't help that my eyesight is bad and I can't read streetsigns (where there are any!) unless they are quite close. Especially at night.

      I finally gave up at 7.20, having got hopelessly turned around by a passerby's lousy directions, and knowing that someone on the waiting list would have taken my place by then. So I went home, depressed and frustrated.

      I do hope there's another one some time.....

      So, those who made it - how was it? Tell all! I need the vicarious experience. ;-)