Lalique launch Noir Premier - a collection inspired by Lalique's history

29th October, 2014

Lalique have launched a new collection of six fragrances entitled Noir Premier. Each fragrance is named after a historic point in the history of the brand and the Lalique family. The range launched exclusively at Harrods earlier this month.

The bottle design draws on various influences. The colour references the very first black perfume bottle was created by René Lalique in 1911 – the “Quartre Aigles”. The shape is inspired by the Roman numeral for one. The bottle is decorated with a wings motif, which was first seen in a bottle Lalique designed for Coty in 1909, and the cap features the Lalique swallows.

The fragrances, and the moments which inspired them, are as follows:

Fleur Universelle 1900Inspiration: In 1900 René Lalique is one of the highlights of Universal Exhibition in Paris – he was awarded a Grand Prize and decorated with the Légion d’Honneur.

The Fragrance: The fragrance is a chypre, and was created by Mane’s Julie Massé. Notes include rum, cardamom, everlasting flower, cinnamon, myrrh and patchouli.

Terres Aromatiques 1905Inspiration: In 1905 René Lalique met with François Coty. Until this point, perfume was sold in plain bottles, which were then decanted into more elaborate designs. Coty was of the opinion that his fragrances deserved to be in “a perfect bottle with beautiful simplicity and impeccable taste.

Lalique began by creating labels for Coty, then stoppers. The breakthrough came when Lalique discovered a way of producing luxury glassware in large quantities and at an affordable cost. Coty was finally able to achieve his vision.

The Fragrance: Terres Aromatiques 1905 draws inspiration from Coty’s Chypre fragrance and Provence, where Marie-Claude Lalique took up residence.

The fragrance, also created by Julie Massé, is aromatic and woody and contains notes of Cardamom, Lemon, Pineapple, Thyme, Freesia and Lavandin.

Rose Royale 1935Inspiration: In 1935, René Lalique opened a new boutique on Paris’ rue Royale.

Honoring the brand’s legacy but looking to the future, this iconic address is a vibrant showcase for re-editions of René Lalique’s masterpieces and contemporary pieces designed by the in-house creative studio.

To this majestic venue nestled in the heart of the Queen of Cities, Lalique has offered the Queen of Flowers: the rose, whose timeless beauty, like the beauty of Paris, can be endlessly rediscovered and reinvented.

The Fragrance: The fragrance is a floral woody, leathery scent created by perfumer Sidonie Lancesseur.

As well as Rose Absolute, notes for the fragrance include peach, osmanthus, apricot, cashmere wood, musks.

Sculpteur d'Épices 1945Inspiration: 1945 is when René Lalique’s son Marc took over the company. In the aftermath of the war, nothing remained of the glassworks - except for what mattered most : The Lalique Spirit:

A tradition, a know-how, a will to innovate that drove Marc Lalique to develop what would become the house’s trademark: the contrast between transparency and satin finish, finding its ultimate expression in the purity of crystal.

The Fragrance: Sculpteur d'Épices is an exclusive edition to Harrods, and was created by perfumer Dorothee Piot. Notes include bergamot, cinnamon, black pepper, patchouli, Egyptian Jasmine Absolute and labdanum.

Fruits de Mouvement 1977Inspiration: Marie-Claude Lalique took over the company from her father, Marc in 1977.

While René Lalique drew his designs, his grand- daughter sculpted hers in plastiline clay, working with live models. For instance, she bought a dove to observe the way it moved when she made her first crystal piece in the 1960s... Her innate sense of movement enabled her to breathe life and expression into the material. Her love for vivid colours, associated with the radiant transparency of crystal, gives her work a sumptuous vivacity.

The fragrance: The fragrance is a fruity, floral fragrance. Notes include: Black pepper, ginger, mandarin, Jasmine, Prune, Cashmeran and amber. The fragrance was created by Violaine Collas

Élégance Animale 1989Inspiration: René, and Marie-Claude and Marc Lalique were all very passionate about animals, which are a recurring element in their works. In 1989 Marie-Claude created the Zeila panther, which has become one of the brands icons.

The Fragrance: The fragrance is an oriental and was created by Cécile Matton of Mane. Notes include Saffron, gurjum, Peach, rose, sandalwood and leather.

The Noir Premier collection is currently a Worldwide exclusive to Harrods for one year. They retail at £180 for 100ml Eau de Parfum. Sculpteur d'Épices will remain exclusive to Harrods.

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