Unsound to launch trio of Ephemera fragrances by Geza Schoen

06th November, 2014

Earlier this year, Unsound, in collaboration with perfumer Geza Schoen, launched its "Ephemera" project as part of Unsound Festival New York — a synaesthetic installation in which perfumes were inspired by genres and sounds of electronic music.

The musicians involved were Ben Frost, Tim Hecker and Steve Goodman (aka Kode9), who created raw musical material, which Schoen interpreted as three unique scents: Noise, Drone and Bass. The installation took place in the one-room Audio Visual Arts gallery in East Village

Hints were dropped at the time that "Ephemera" may also be released as a perfume. Following an expanded Ephemera installation at Unsound, which took place at the National Museum in Krakow, and an installation at the Contemporary Art Museum in Norway as part of lnsomnia Festival, bottles of “Noise”, "Drone" and “Bass” eau de parfum are now for sale at ephemera.pl.

Each scents is an olfactory interpretation of the audio material, the result of a fascinating process of translating sounds into scent notes.

“Bass” is the most intense, with notes of woodsmoke, leather and castoreum, “Noise” contains sharp metallic notes of aldehydes, ozone and black pepper, with a heavier base of labdanum. “Drone" is the lightest - opening with aldehydes and air notes, it also has green notes of fir and juniper, with a base in patchouli and ambergris.

The scents come in individual bottles, or as part of a set. Packed in a handmade box designed by Piotr Jakubowicz, the perfume also comes with a code, to download digital versions of the Noise, Drone and Bass tracks.

The Ephemera installation that initiated the project, this will develop further next year at festivals and galleries, with the work presented in different ways according to context. “Ephemera” is curated by Malgorzata Plysa and Mat Schulz, of Unsound.

More information is at the Ephemera website at ephemera.pl, where you can hear teasers of the sounds of Bass, Noise and Drone, and view visual work created for Ephemera installations by Marcel Weber (MFO), Optigram and Piotr Jakubowicz.

You can see the video and music that inspired the fragrances below:

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    • Ghost_Goat | 16th May 2015 20:03

      The "live wire/hot circuitry" quality in these scents is so unique and compelling, but also slightly discomfiting. Still, it's something new and it works. Musicians who use electricity will immediately get these.