Moschino's latest fragrance, Toy, is housed in a teddy bear

13th November, 2014

Moschino’s latest fragrance, is perhaps a contender for packaging of the year. The fragrance, named Toy, is housed inside a furry toy teddy. The company say: “Toy smashes every fragrance preconception to bits, boldly redrawing its form, function and fabulousness.”

The fragrance is exactly what its cheeky name suggests: a toy. And best of all, this actual toy is a real, fuzzy-faced teddy bear to hug and snuggle up with whenever you choose. Screw off its happy faced head and you magically find an atomizer built into the bear’s soft body. Spritz away and then set TOY back down on your vanity table, or toss him on your bedspread with your other furry stuffed animals.

“I wanted to push the fragrance beyond the realm of what a perfume looks like it, or how it’s packaged,” says Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott “And I think we’ve achieved that!”

The teddy wears a T-shirt that states, “This is Not a Moschino Toy.” in homage to The Treachery of Images by René Magritte.

The fragrance features top notes of mandarin, cardamom, and bergamot; a heart of lavender, violet petals, and hawthorn. The dry down features sandalwood, vanilla, mountain tree moss and acacia.

Toy is exclusively at Harrods in London from until November 23rd. The scent was also available at but it is currently sold out.

After 23rd November, the fragrance will then roll out to department stores and Moschino retail boutiques throughout the world.

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