Basenotes writer Walker Minton wins Jamine Award

by Grant Osborne, 03rd February, 2010

Earlier today we announced that two of our writers were nominated for Jamine Awards. We've just heard the news that Walker Minton has picked up the Award for a Web Feature on fragrance for his article Double Decker's, Disappointments and Excellence. Congratulations to Walker, who now joins Marian Bendeth and Liz Upton as an award-winning Basenotes writer.

We'll share the other winners and images from the Jasmine awards as soon as we get them.

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    • kbe | 3rd February 2010 13:19

      Congratulations Walker! I recall enjoying your work when it was first published. Well done! :thumbup:

    • kbe | 3rd February 2010 13:20

      double post deletion

    • TwoRoads | 3rd February 2010 14:19

      Congratulations, my friend!

    • mr. reasonable | 3rd February 2010 16:51

      Congrats Walker! Enjoy your writing and look forward to seeing more here :)

    • phibess | 3rd February 2010 17:58

      Congratsniff Mr Minton! Pls keep them coming.;)

    • narcus | 3rd February 2010 19:29

      nice one, read it twice this way :vrolijk_26:

    • the_good_life | 3rd February 2010 20:08

      Well done! And the prize money will buy you a bespoke Dubrana :D!

    • Sillage6 | 3rd February 2010 21:28

      Ah, a hearty Congrats to you Walker!! What a glorious Award to earn and own and many Congrats too to Grant and Dani for their amazing website!!


    • Primrose | 3rd February 2010 22:00

      How wonderful! Basenotes is a wealth of thoughtful discussion of scent, and to have a writer from our team is a feather in the cap.

      Congratulations, Walker! :2vrolijk_08:

    • DustB | 3rd February 2010 22:15

      Well deserved. Congratulations and praises for the the fine work. Work that pays off with such recognition, so, golly, thanks very much for the work too!

    • Amit | 4th February 2010 05:09

      Congratulations :thumbup:

    • Lessa | 4th February 2010 20:12

      Way to go, Walker! :happy: