Kouros Silver is latest Kouros flanker from Yves Saint Laurent

12th March, 2015

Kouros Silver
Yves Saint Laurent have announced, Kouros Silver, their latest flanker fragrance for the original Kouros launched in 1981. Perfumers Olivier Pescheux and Michel Girard have created the scent for YSL.

Notes for the fragrance include apple, sage and a dry down featuring sensual woods and amber.

According to a report by AFPRelax news, the perfumers say:

The olfactory development of Kouros Silver reflects the evolution of men's perfume. Once all about 'hygiene,' it is now multifaceted: coolness, power, sensuality. The challenge was respecting the original perfume's sensual and powerful identity while adding innovation and a modern vision in line with the expectations of today's men.

Kouros flanking dates back to 1986, with Kouros Eau de Sport, and have since then included Fraîcheur, Body Kouros and Tattoo.

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