New feminine fragrance, Living Lalique to launch in Harrods

13th March, 2015

Lalique’s latest feminine fragrance is Living Lalique. The fragrance is based around Iris, and was created for the company by perfumer Richard Ibanez.

A moment of emotion. A flight of swallows. A window opening onto a world of timeless luxury. The quintessence of the Lalique lifestyle is expressed in a new perfume, Living Lalique. 
A bold fragrance, reflecting the urban, contemporary, active life of the Lalique woman. A dream-like fragrance, sculpted from materials as luminous as crystal. A soaring fragrance, inspired by the elegant swallow Lalique has chosen as its emblem. 

Notes for the Eau de Parfum include bergamot, black pepper and cool, and nutmeg in the head; iris, vanilla and almond-scented tonka bean in the heart; and vetiver, sandalwood and Cashmere wood in the based.

As well as the Eau de Parfum, the fragrance is also available as a limited edition Extrait de Parfum, which has “an even richer measure of orris butter”. The Extrait de Parfum is offered in two presentations: a precious crystal bottle and a very exclusive limited edition of twelve crystal bottles decorated with gold leaf.

Lalique explain the process of creating the crystal bottles:

The crystal bottle and the crystal bottle adorned with gold leaf are produced by the Lalique crystal manufacture according to the same process. Four master glassmakers must work together to fashion the bottle, using the handcrafted hot mould technique. Taken up at 1150°C, the crystal is formed in a wooden shaping block before being placed into a cast-iron mould heated to 400°C and annealed for seven hours. To conceive the stopper, the “pressed” technique requires no less than five glassmakers. The cutting and polishing is performed once the bottle is cold. Its motifs are polished and sandblasted, then each bottle is signed and numbered before it is sealed with baudruchage and a delicate gold thread. 

The fragrance is available from Sunday 22 March in Harrods with a wider launch in April.

You can read an interview with perfumer, Richard Ibanez about the fragrance soon on Basenotes. 

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