New Histoires de Parfums Moulin Rouge 1889 available to preorder at Miomia

by Grant Osborne, 08th February, 2010

1889 is the latest year to inspire Histoire de Parfums' Gérald Ghislain. The latest fragrance is based on the Moulin Rouge and launched last year in France to honor 120 years of the famous club.

The fragrances consists of top notes of Mandarin, Plum, Cinnamon; middle notes of Absinthe, Damascan Rose; and base notes of Coeur d'Iris, Patchouli and Musk.

Brooklyn perfumery, Miomia, are offering the fragrance on their website to pre-order and the first 10 people to purchase Moulin Rouge will receive a complimentary 1969 roll-on and limited edition Moulin Rouge keychain!

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    • Primrose | 8th February 2010 23:02

      I should have suspected an "absinthe" note, after all. :grin:

      This is interesting, as I have an interest in historically-inspired perfumes, but at this price, I will have to sample before buying...

      With the iris/pathcouli/musk base, this might even be a unisex.

      Thank you, Grant, for sharing.

    • Diamondflame | 9th February 2010 17:14

      I too am waiting to sample this latest release from one of my favorite niche houses... That it has cinnamon only adds to its appeal as I am currently on a cinnamon fix. :grin: