Diddy returns to fragrance with 3AM

24th March, 2015

Sean 'Diddy' Combs is back in the fragrance game with 3AM, the latest fragrance for his fashion line, Sean John. His last fragrance launches were in 2011 with former license owner Estée Lauder.

The new fragrance is manufactured by new license holder, Jacavi Beauty Group, and is being distributed by Parlux.

Notes for the fragrance include bergamot, mandarin, orange blossom cardamom, geranium and fig leaf.

The fragrance has been designed to be worn by men and women. Combs says, "Fragrance is truly a passion of mine and I have always said that it is the finishing touch to anyone's outfit and mood. For my newest scent, 3AM, I have combined the most luxurious ingredients to create a fragrance that draws everyone close to you while washing away your sins. It has both sensual and fresh notes reminiscent of a night that you never want to end. 3AM is at once breathtaking, addictive, and slightly dangerous leaving even the most elegant men and women uninhibited." 

3AM is available as 50ml and 100ml Eau de Toilette and is in stores from May 2015.

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      • Kaern | 24th March 2015 14:51

        Drinks all round, barman! I am so happy

      • jarroditshallbe | 24th March 2015 15:20

        Hednic, you may be surprised. I got to try a lab sample about a month ago at training. Its actually pretty nice.

      • furrypine | 24th March 2015 16:36

        The notes kinda skews to the masculine side, was that your impression too?

      • jarroditshallbe | 24th March 2015 18:35

        I would agree. It is more masculine, but not by much. It is very beachy and bright. Almost like a drink you would get at the beach. I want to say it has a strong coconut to it also. I suppose its meant to stand out in a club, as something a lot lighter than the surrounding atmosphere

      • superfluousPastry | 24th March 2015 18:46

        The name is evoking an image of a sweaty guy coming down from 3 tabs of Ecstacy in the bathroom stall of a night club, crying and sucking on a pacifier.

      • furrypine | 24th March 2015 20:47

        So Lauder dropped him. I guess after, what, 12 flankers of Unforgivable, they just couldn't squeeze any more profit out of the line. Parlux feels a like a step down; now his stablemates are Paris Hilton and Andy Roddic.

      • hednic | 25th March 2015 21:14

        LOL! Sharing company now with one who had to perform community service as punishment for a crime, and one who only won one major tournament in his career!

      • scentimus | 17th April 2015 01:38

        3 am what kind of name is that? Wasn't that a song by The KLF? LMAO

      • socalwoman | 17th April 2015 02:26

        Maybe there'll be a flanker: Booty Call.

      • Onderbroekenlol | 28th August 2015 23:40

        3AM really that is known as the devil's hour...sell out piece of crap that he is....all people at the top of our entertainment industry has sold their soul for money and fame so sad,,, :(