YS Uzac show new 'BOM' line, Dragon Tattoo and Oud Ankaa at Esxence

28th March, 2015

Vincent Micotti, perfumer and co-founder of YS Uzac

YS Uzac, the swiss perfumery founded by husband and wife team Vincent Micotti (pictured) and Vera Yeoh, were showing their new fragrance line BOM (Blend of Marvels) and limited edition fragrances, Oud Ankaa and Dragon Tattoo.

The fragrances were displayed in beautiful paper constructions created by Yeoh:

Above, new line BOM – Blend of Marvels, features two "urban" incense fragrances. 

Above: L-R –

Oud Ankaa – "Taking the brightest giant star in the Phoenix constellation Ankaa as a characteristic symbol, the formulation is made to make the best selected natural oud extract glow in the dark and to unveil the dazzling side of the profound “black diamond” - Oud."

Dragon Tattoo – inspired by Lisbeth Sander, and according to Micotti, smells of the skin of a "party girl" – notes include Tattoo ink, Sunscreen lotion and Face cream.

Sacre du Primtemps, which launched at last year's Esxence


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