House of Sillage show new menís fragrance : Dignified

29th March, 2015

Nicole Mather’s luxury fragrance brand, House of Sillage, were showing new men’s fragrance ‘Dignified’ at Esxence.

The fragrance was created by Mark Buxton. Dignified features oud, smoked vetiver, saffron and custom aged clove.

As well as the standard bottle, the fragrance is also avaliable in a luxury edition packaging featuring diamonds and stingray leather.

Other prestige edition bottles from House of Sillage


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    • Wandering | 7th April 2015 21:30

      Leave the stingrays alone. SMH. Was interested till I read that.

    • trex57 | 8th April 2015 00:54

      Hope the frags are better than the excessively gaudy presentation & bottles.

    • mnaonbn | 30th June 2015 04:35

      Mod, please delete.