French FiFi Award winners announced for 2015

08th April, 2015

The French arm of the The Fragrance Foundation announced the winners of their FiFi Awards last night at a ceremony at the Pavillon d’Armenonville in Paris.

The Winners are as follows:

Experts Prize

These fragrances were decided by a panel of 25 industry experts

People's Choice : Best 'Own brand' fragrance

  • Mer & Mistral / l'Occitane
  • Quelques notes d'Amour / Yves Rocher

People's Choice : Best Mass Market

  • Jeans Brut / Daniel Hechter
  • Double Je / Eau Jeune

People's Choice : Best Selective Distribution

Best Advertising Campain

Best Bottle

Best fragrance in Selective Distribution

FiFi Gold Award

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      • hednic | 10th April 2015 16:07

        L'Homme Ideal must have struck a chord with the masses. Interesting.

      • Kaern | 10th April 2015 16:18

        •Best from a mainstream brand: Corsica Furiosa / Parfum d'Empire

        •Best from a niche brand: Cuir d'Ange / Hermès

        The French seem to categorise Niche and Mainstream differently?

      • hednic | 10th April 2015 16:59

        I noticed that too! Strange.

      • Grant | 12th April 2015 14:12

        Nah, that's me making mistakes. Fixed now

      • hednic | 12th April 2015 16:21

        OK. Thanks. No longer strange!