Dior partners with Johnny Depp as face for upcoming fragrance

by Judith Brockless, 03rd June, 2015

Actor, musician and eccentric fashion icon Johnny Depp has been announced as the new face of Christian Dior Parfums.

After a film career spanning four decades - surprisingly for the first time ever - Depp will be fronting a brand new fragrance, which has been composed by François Demachy.

Depp’s career to date is described by Dior as ‘a testament to the eclectic spirit of a true artist who fully inhabits his roles.’

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      • hednic | 3rd June 2015 16:14

        I personally think that a good choice for the face of the brand. He's a bit quirky but at the same time refined.

      • Larimar | 3rd June 2015 16:34

        Dior does surprise me in a very positive way.

      • pluran | 3rd June 2015 16:45

        Don't really care about this stuff but this one interests me. Depp has supposedly worn Zino Davidoff and Dior Homme in the past. Maybe Demachy can make something good.

      • furrypine | 3rd June 2015 18:37

        Yeah, talk about being way behind the curve. Eddie Redmayne or Benedict Cumberbatch would have been better choices.

      • freewheelingvagabond | 4th June 2015 00:32

        Personally don't care so much for who's the face (well as long as it's not Justin Bieber or Nicki Minaj........).

        More interested in the 'juice'.

      • pluran | 4th June 2015 04:18

        Jude Law? Robert Pattinson? I like Jude Law, but fragrance ads aren't his thing. I mean they sure as hell don't get my attention.

        He does a lot more than act, but if you know much about Johnny Depp you know he has more character than ten average Hollywood actors. Same with Sean Penn. Freedom, rebelliousness, discomfort with the status quo, breaking with the past, becoming your own authority. There's a reason why Marlon Brando considered both of them good friends. They're people with chutzpah. Depp looks great, btw. Like many men, better as he ages. My thirty-eight year old girlfriend creams over the guy. Whatever.

        Like most everything else made today, the fragrance will probably be too sweet. Hopefully my messages to Dior over the last couple of years helped push them in the direction of a mainstream variation of Leather Oud, or at least something fairly interesting and non-syrupy.

      • Mountainbikesandwatches | 4th June 2015 06:02

        Will Aqua Fahrenheit now come with an eye patch? He's old and as much as I like some Dior, I definitely don't want to see his wrinkly face on commercials.

      • Vinrambo09 | 4th June 2015 08:17

        Whens the last time you heard " Johnny Deep is cool " OR "Johnny Depp is so handsome" .

        Honestly he is a good actor but lets get real, looks wise he looks like a trailer trash Jerry Springer guest.

        As if the Pattinson was not bad enough lol.

        I personally feel they should just stick to French actors/models. The dude who fronts BdC is pretty good.

      • odioustoilet | 4th June 2015 08:30

        Not sure, he's sort of on a downward slide, the only good thing in the last few years has been the Pirates series and that's gotten old.

        He's always dressed bohemian....... not a suit and tie type of guy, nothing against that but, well, we'll see how they portray him.

      • PerfumedLady | 4th June 2015 15:36

        Agree with Hednic and Larimar! Can't wait to see what they do with this campaign! Sure does seem more promising than Brad Pitt for Chanel No. 5.

        And 52 is not old, it just isn't 20. And so what if he is old? Younger isn't necessarily better but it does tend to be less respectful. Mr. Depp has more poise and depth than any of the other names mentioned, IMO. But what do I know, at 41 I guess I'm officially old too!

      • Kaern | 4th June 2015 15:57

        He always looks like he needs a wash

        I hope it's as good as DH and begets numerous flankers

      • mumsy | 4th June 2015 16:18

        I will forever have trouble with him because of that ad with the fly buzzing around. Was it Chanel?

        ..... ha ha. I'm being a nong. It was Brad Pitt and the fly.

      • surge | 4th June 2015 20:20

        This is exciting...Dior is probably...well not probably, they *are* my favorite designer house..I have pretty much everything on the men's side that they have ever released including all the vintages. Johnny Depp is as cool as you can get...he's more popular with the fear and loathing crowd than whoever the latest d-bag is to star in some movie that everyone will watch and say oh that's awesome, then completely forget about 6 months later. I think he represents Dior's style very well...edgy, artsy, refined and beautiful.

      • Oviatt | 4th June 2015 20:58

        I think that it is a great choice. A departure from the Hedi Slimane years, thank goodness. Since movie stars and rock stars are probably Dior's top target audience, this makes perfect sense! Here's hoping that the new Dior scent is as interesting as Depp's beloved Zino.

      • Toujours Mink | 5th June 2015 05:16

        My niece in her 20s says "He's not old, he's Johnny Depp." I have to agree...

      • blackheart2925 | 5th June 2015 06:10

        I kind of like Johnny Depp and his acting and his movies (some of them)... I can identify more with him than a teen heartthrob like Pattinson...

      • adam090273 | 5th June 2015 06:16

        He is currently out here filming his latest movie, from all reports he is rather high maintenance. I think I read he is going thru a tough divorce, some are expecting him to derail.

        I have made myself available as a stand in for his movie role and for Dior. I am still awaiting a response. :)

      • Derek Lorimer | 5th June 2015 12:16

        Will Bo and Pistol be involved?

      • Paul H | 5th June 2015 12:21

        The guy has helped out his close friends(from what I've read) when they needed him. In my book, a guy like that can't go wrong and Dior has chosen a movie star who will appeal to their target audience. Great move, House of Dior! Isn't George Clooney older than Johnny Depp? Cary Grant? Don't know how old he was but that guy was an all-around gentleman as well. Eagerly awaiting September 1st. :) The Johnny Depp/Dior combination is a "rock star" imo.

      • cytherian | 5th June 2015 18:11

        I think a lot of this will depend upon the intention of the fragrance. Seasonal? Light and easy? Heavy and dark? (Certainly not challenging as DIOR is out of that business).

        Johnny Depp is certainly an entertaining character. But he's no Jude Law (prior face of Dior Homme). Completely other side of the spectrum.

      • lime | 10th June 2015 21:34

        Oooh, Johnny is filming in our State in Australia at the moment. He's been very friendly to the localsm willing to take pics and give autographs.

      • Mountainbikesandwatches | 10th June 2015 22:54

        Ha my sentiments exactly. He's washed up! Definitely can see the years of drug abuse on his face.

      • Mr Envy | 11th June 2015 02:35

        I was with you all the way, until you wrote 'juice', I don't know why, but every time I hear or read that word in reference to perfume it drives me insane 😡😠

      • Mountainbikesandwatches | 11th June 2015 02:49

        Lol, it does sound kinda hood. But perfume in regard to men's fragrance is no good either, too feminine. Tootsie fruitie!

      • alex71 | 11th June 2015 03:15

        I will not be surprised if new release will smell like a country corn! After all, Johny got his way with that ��

      • Mountainbikesandwatches | 11th June 2015 03:19

        I wonder if you will get a free bottle of those XZT brain pills he endorses with each bottle of DIor

      • hednic | 11th June 2015 04:15

        Not a fan of this term either.

      • alex71 | 12th June 2015 16:23

        If they be made with %100 corn oil + the box of pop corn would seal the deal. Not to mention strap on case in the shape of corn

      • RHM | 14th July 2015 03:25


      • hednic | 14th July 2015 03:39

        He would have been my second choice.

      • Primrose | 30th July 2015 08:32

        Somewhere in a fashion magazine, I heard Eddie Redmayne wore Tom Ford Black Orchid.

      • furrypine | 30th July 2015 09:43

        That's an edgy choice for a celebrity. Still, I think he would happily ditch Tom Ford and wear the new Chancel for 18 months, if presented with a $2 million check :)

      • superfluousPastry | 30th July 2015 18:28

        You speak the truth, PerfumedLady. Men don't really become attractive until their 40's usually, after the testosterone swag is long past it's peak and you get to see what's under the hood and makes them tick. I'm 45 and a man so I should know. ...and I have never been in a relationship with a man under 40, will refuse to date a man who dyes his hair. Men know how to grow old gracefully, boys put it off as long as possible...ala Peter Pan.

        I was never a big admirer of Johnny Depp's physical appearance as I prefer a more burly type. ...but he's anything but old. Not that I needed anything to lure me to Dior but his face and persona will definitely lend consumer confidance...much more so than many of the others mentioned, including the Biebs and Nikki Minaj.

      • furrypine | 30th July 2015 18:55

        I don't think Johnny Depp is too old at all for Dior, but I don't see the connection between the man and the brand. He is just as much a misfire that Brad Pitt was. Actors in the same age range, approximately, that I think would be a better fit: Colin Firth and Javier Bardem.

      • superfluousPastry | 30th July 2015 19:01

        I usually respect your opinion and seeing how I don't watch many movies (the last Johnny Depp movie I saw was Benny & Joon, and no I didn't like it) I'll have to take your word for which actors would be a better fit for the brand, Furrypine.

      • PerfumedLady | 30th July 2015 19:33

        Agree 100 percent! Same is true for women, we can try to remain little girls or we can woman up and be all the more attractive for it. An great aunt of mine just passed away at 103 and this is happening more and more. Time to readjust what we think of as "old" in the first place.

        Still respectfully disagree with other choices mentioned. They mostly seem a bit bland to me and when the houses pay big bucks for a movie star, they want someone who can cause a stir. I guess Chanel did accomplish the stir part with Pitt, just not in a good way, lol. I do hope it goes better for Dior.

      • MysteryBuff40 | 31st July 2015 08:38

        Be interested to know if this is just a business deal or if Johnny brings real passion and creative direction to the project. I suppose the same could be said about some of his recent films.

      • pluran | 1st August 2015 12:17

        A duck could fart out more personality.

      • TW Bolek | 1st August 2015 15:15

        Do not like Johny and do not like Demachy's soulless fragrances. Nothing against those eyelines - looking like a woman IS attractive but shaving off that scuffy facial hair should come first. Jude Law and Robert Pattison were great but Johnny Depp reeks of insecurity.

      • mumsy | 1st August 2015 18:21

        I've got nothing personal against Mr Depp aside from him not being my kind of fellow in the fancying department (and I'm sure I wouldn't be his type either). I prefer my fellow to be a masculine 'manly' man, but is he really a 'modern take' on the subject? I wonder what the marketing departments target audience actually is by the choosing of him. I would have said he was a bit 'passe' for a new marketing drive for a new perfume. I suppose they wanted a familiarity fancying thing for the middle aged buying range who have the money to spend. Mr Clooney has taken himself off the market far too recently so he couldn't be it, and I suppose Mr Cumberbatch has too with a new wife.

        Who else could it be?

        Henry Caville?


      • AMERICAN WOMAN | 23rd December 2016 19:40

        Men do not get Johnny Depp I've noticed. He is above and beyond a pretty face. Jude Law??? Really?