Winners of La Via del Profumo competition announced

by Grant Osborne, 10th February, 2010

For those of you who entered the comment competition to win some La Via del Profumo: Mecca Balsam fragrance, the winners are announced below. They were generated using the random sequence generator at (see attachment), and the first 20 people listed are winners. The first number picked out of the hat wins a full bottle and the rest win samples.

34 jenson

50 Boster

39 Trufflehunter

109 chrimcyn

19 indyupstairs

38 dareka

95 asingleman

24 donna255

142 SurfFisherman

154 LimeHat

147 mudz

72 abubakr_al-misky

69 serph

131 Felswoop

84 odysseusm

107 Datura5750

52 Redneck Perfumisto

153 Serenity*

86 Zerby

73 chocolateguy

Please email me on: with your name and address, by the end of February and I'll arrange these to be shipped. (I'll be sending PMs to all the winners too)

For those of you who were unlucky, you can order from the, should you wish to try the fragrance.

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    • 30 Roses | 10th February 2010 20:53

      I'm getting the message that I do not have permission to view the page.

    • 30 Roses | 10th February 2010 21:18

      Okay, now the link is working.

    • Zerby | 16th March 2010 22:51

      I haven't gotten my sample yet It's been weeks.