Penhaligon's create short promo video of their history

27th October, 2015

Penhaligon's have launched a short promotional video, which highlights some of their fragrances throughout the years. Starting with Hammam Bouquet, and featuring fragrances such as Bluebell, Vaara, Bayolea and their recent Blasted Heath and Blasted Bloom scents.

You can see the video below


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      • gandhajala | 2nd November 2015 16:30

        Looks like Monty Python meets a Prezi presentation.

      • RichMan'sOldSpice | 2nd November 2015 16:44

        Very nice. Sartorial is one of my favorite work/office fragrances. I haven't really had a chance to try many of their other offerings.

      • Kaern | 2nd November 2015 16:51

        Best to watch after a mind altering drug I reckon

        There's a 60% off sale in their Regent Street branch also [ that means there is probably one item with that reduction]

        All adds up to some 'desperation'?

      • hednic | 2nd November 2015 16:52

        Interesting. Thanks for this.

      • sapz10 | 3rd November 2015 10:26

        How uncouth.