Now Smell This blog celebrates 5th Birthday

by Grant Osborne, 10th February, 2010

Now Smell This, one of the first fragrance blogs, is celebrating its fifth birthday this month. The blog was created after founder, Robin K, couldn't find a fragrance site to suit her requirements. In a post celebrating the fifth birthday, Robin told her readers how the site started:

In early 2005, I was an avid — ok, obsessive — perfume fan. At that time, if you wanted to keep track of all the sorts of things that a perfumista wants to keep track of — what new perfumes were coming out? who might be having a great sale? — you had your work cut out for you. You could read all the magazines, you could slog through all the posts on the various forums, and you could check out Women’s Wear Daily on Friday. There was one French website that kept a simple list of upcoming perfumes, and that was helpful, but by and large there was no one place, online or off, that collected and organized all the news.

In the meantime, I was also discovering blogs, and in February 2005 I started looking around for a perfume blog. I couldn’t find one that was active, and that was that: I figured that as long as I was wasting so many hours collecting information, I might as well do something with it. I spent a few days setting up a blog (I wish I’d kept a screen shot so I could show you how ugly — and how pink! — it was), and on Tuesday, February 8 I made my first post

The full post, which includes writers' picks of their favourite posts, can be found here on Now Smell This.

Basenotes would like to wish Robin and all of her writers at NST a big Happy Birthday, and we look forward to another five more years.

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    • darlingbuds | 14th February 2010 01:51

      Happy anniversary to Now Smell This, and congratulations to Robin!

      NST was one of the first perfume blogs I frequented, and it kept me sane while I was living in out of the country.

      Thanks Robin! Here's to another 5 (and more!) years!!!