4160 Tuesdays to produce a “Sex Goddess” – a ‘love child of two intoxicating perfumes’

19th January, 2016

4160 Tuesdays are to launch Sex Goddess, which was born from the union of two existing perfumes from the brand: Goddess of Love & Perfume, and their bestselling scent, The Sexiest Scent on the Planet. Ever. (IMHO).

Founder and Perfumer, Sarah McCartney says:

“It happened when one of our layering experiments got out of hand and went too far. We love to see what happens when we blend our scents. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t; this one was so magnificent that we decided to bottle it. We’ll give the credit for this one to Aisha Addison, our lovely intern, who is currently the only person to own a whole bottle.”

Goddess of Love & Perfume is from 4160Tuesdays’ 2015 Crimes of Passion series, seven scents designed to lead you into committing rash acts of devotion. It is described as “a sumptuous extravagance of vintage style fragrance with fruits, flowers, woods and musk, plus oak moss.”

The Sexiest Scent on the Planet. Ever. (IHMO) is, according to the brand, “a tongue in cheek homage to all those fragrances that claim to make you irresistible – but smooth as velvet and twice as seductive. With gentle woods, soft amber, vanilla and a touch of bergamot it’s designed to stay close to the skin and draw you nearer.”

With regards to the notes, Perfumer Sarah McCartney says, “I think that perfumers generally prefer people to appreciate a fragrance as a whole rather than trying to pick it apart and isolate different notes. Besides, what you put into a perfume is often unrelated to what people get out of it; plus we all notice different things, based on our experiences. That said, some notes you might notice are:

Rose, plum, blackcurrant, violet, cedar wood, musk, lily, raspberry and jasmine.”

Sex Goddess will be available at 4160Tuesdays.com and Roullier White. Other stockists, to be confirmed.

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      • Kaern | 19th January 2016 10:10

        Will definitely try this one

        The 'flyer' I saw recently states that the public [after booking a time-slot] can go to the 4160 Tuesdays 'lab' and make their own fragrances with Sarah McCartney looking on and helping if needed.

        Best to check the website for more details and costs, etc

        Don't think Chanel or Dior would provide this facility