Cartier's latest masculine fragrance is L'Envol

13th September, 2016

L'Envol de Cartier
Cartier have launched L'Envol; a new masculine fragrance was created by in-house perfumer Mathilde Laurent. The scent is inspired by hydromel – more commonly known as the nectar of the Olympus gods, who used it to become immortal. Notes include musk, gaiac wood and honey.

The design of the bottle is unique in that the fragrance is housed in a glass bulb, which is suspended within a cloche. The intention was to create a bottle which does not touch the ground. Nearly 2,000 designs were required before the final L’Envol product was found.

They say:

Every element of the L’Envol de Cartier bottle has been carefully considered to make it a true Cartier object. The engraving on the cap of the bottle mirrors techniques found on Cartier watches. The guillochage technique involves engraving with narrow, parallel lines on metals and the finished patterns creates a subtle detail and catches the light. 

Previously exclusive to Harrods in the UK, and Nordtrom in the US, L'Envol is now on wider release. The fragrance is available as Eau de Parfum (50ml, 80ml, 100ml and 100ml refill), Shower Gel (200ml) and Grooming Oil (30ml).

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      • hednic | 13th September 2016 15:52

        A pretty strange and flimsy "cloche" although the scent is very nice.

      • edshepp | 14th September 2016 11:01

        Was more interested in the smell than the bottle, but didn't really feel like I got anything from this press release. I don't know why musk is always so prominently mentioned in notes listings, since it's in everything.

      • Zgb | 3rd October 2016 09:59

        Tried it, reviewed it in the review section. A bit more refined, colder version of L'Essence de Cerruti. Although the scent is good, didn't instigate positive emotions in me.

      • sjg3839 | 25th October 2016 19:22

        Will have to check this one out.

      • hednic | 25th October 2016 19:42

        Definitely not prominent in this one, at least to my nose.