Papillon Perfumery, Mugler and Dior are the big winners in 2016 Basenotes Awards

29th September, 2016

We are finally announcing after much delay, the winners of the Basenotes Reader Awards 2016. At the end of last year, we asked you to vote for your favourite fragrances of that year. The results are as follows.

Papillon’s Salome picked up the award for Best Feminine Fragrance and Best Niche Fragrance, while Papillon itself won the award for Best new house.

Thierry Mugler’s classic Angel was voted into the Women’s Hall of Fame, and A*Men Pure Zest won Best Flanker

Dior’s Sauvage won the award for Best Men’s Fragrance and Best Packaging. Dior’s Fahrenheit gained an entry in the Men’s Hall of Fame.

Brooklyn’s Twisted Lily was awarded Best Perfumery, and won the award for best online perfumery.

The winners can be found in full here.

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      • hednic | 29th September 2016 15:29

        Glad to hear about Twisted Lily.

      • MrsDalloway | 29th September 2016 20:14

        Good stuff. In the story itself it says Habit Rouge Dress Code won Best Flanker though?

      • thediamondsea | 29th September 2016 22:30

        Hmmm . . . . The linked article says Chanel No.5 is the Hall of Fame winner.

      • Funwithfrags | 30th September 2016 10:57

        Sauvage sweeps all before it. Can't wait to try my sample and provide a full review.

      • Grant | 30th September 2016 11:03


        There was a few errors in the main awards article caused by late night copying and pasting. All should be correct now. sorry

      • MrsDalloway | 30th September 2016 11:27

        Thanks Grant. Interesting results. I'm imagining a Basenotes couple out for the evening, doused in Salome and Sauvage. The air surely would be shimmering behind them like jet exhaust (© Turin/Sanchez).

      • Anastasia Beaverhausen | 30th September 2016 12:18

        I have a neglected sample of Salome languishing somewhere in my box of dreams, thanks for the reminder!

        It shall be tomorrow's SoTN.

        ETA: It's stunning! Skanky but in a really good, well blended old school kind of way. Shares something with Jubilation 25.

      • Bonnette | 30th September 2016 12:37

        Ah, Salome! I think I'll wear that today. Love it.

      • epapsiou | 30th September 2016 12:50

        Sauvage for men, while Salome for ladies ????

        I don't get it.

      • Jack Hunter | 30th September 2016 21:47

        It's good to see Salome getting some recognition.

      • Wild Gardener | 1st October 2016 10:08

        Guerlain best house?

        Thats like saying Nokia make the best phones.

      • cytherian | 1st October 2016 16:05

        Great to see the house of Papillon getting recognition, as they've produced some terrific compositions.

        But... SAUVAGE? You're kidding. I'm shocked. I thought Basenotes men had better taste than that.

      • PerfumedLady | 1st October 2016 18:41

        Thank you, Grant! I've been so curious about the outcome!

        Yes, Sauvage in first place for the gents is puzzling. But that could be viewed as maybe the majority of BN guys are not as weird as us gals, lol. And one must remember that there are far fewer women here to vote in the first place. Salome probably got a good share of male votes too, and may well be one of the few new feminines a lot of guys tried. Word of mouth did great things for Salome; it had (and still has) so much buzz.

        Thank goodness my Dior-lovin' mister turned his nose up at Sauvage, though. I wish I could smell something good in these ambrox bombs (as they aren't going away) but they actually hurt my sinuses:( Not an allergic reaction, just enough of an irritant to make we want to move away from the scent ASAP.

      • gandhajala | 1st October 2016 19:00

        Hey! I have a Nokia 105 and it's fantastic: fits in my skinny-jeans' pocket, battery lasts forever, and it even has a flashlight :)

      • epapsiou | 1st October 2016 19:24

        Actually the other way around. Liking Salome is not weird ;)

      • PerfumedLady | 1st October 2016 19:55

        Of course you're absolutely right, epapsiou! What was I thinking? We couldn't possibly be the weird ones:)

        As for Salome, I have to admit I still haven't tried it. That will be remedied soon enough, though. What I can say is how impressively it sold itself! Just amazing how this one caught fire among perfume lovers. I did think their Tobacco Rose was quite good and I expect I'll be impressed by Salome as well, even if it turns out to be too much for me.

      • Bonnette | 1st October 2016 20:03

        I agree with you about Tobacco Rose. It's one of the best balanced roses I've ever smelled, it's like standing in the middle of a rose garden under a drizzling rain. Anubis is wonderful to me, as well, though I understand why some people hate it - it's as much a concept as a fragrance. But Salome! It smells so good (in that long-lasting, heavy animalic/floral/indolic way that many of the best vintages do) that it grabbed the headlines. I bought a backup bottle right after receiving my first one, fearing that future restrictions might cramp its style.

      • NickZee | 11th October 2016 03:24

        Sauvage?!?!?!? 2016 must have been an aweful year in men's perfumery for Sauvage to come out on top.

      • cytherian | 11th October 2016 13:45

        ^ I prefer to say Basenotes "went off line for a bit." ;)

      • JBS1 | 13th October 2016 02:47

        Whoop Whoop. Twisted Lily get's some love. Stamatis is a great person that will work with you. Twisted Lily has their excellent 10 piece custom sample set. I generally add 2 or 3 more in case they are out of the ones I selected . They send me those on top of the 10 . With samples being at $4 a piece, that's like $50 dollars. You can't ask for more than that. Fast delivery, friendly services. No wonder they made the list.

      • stuigi | 13th October 2016 04:01

        Beckham Beyond has 1 positive and 2 neutral reviews and won an award?

      • Trauerkraut | 18th April 2017 09:11

        How can one do the basenotes awards of 2016 in 2016...this should be done in january 2017...!