Demeter introduce Winter Olympics inspired scent: Frozen Pond

by Grant Osborne, 20th February, 2010

Demeter Fragrance Library have been inspired by the current Winter Olympic to introduce their latest fragrance - Frozen Pond. The scent is said to capture childhood memories of skating on ponds.

Demeter ask "Remember that Winter's Day when you first went down to the local pond, hoping it froze overnight so you could skate? No adults, no supervision, just that specialness of being a kid in all its glory."

The fragrance is available as Cologne Spray in 0.5oz and 1oz.

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    • Indie_Guy | 20th February 2010 20:19

      I wonder if this scent is the same as Demeter's Skating Pond which was a previous release. I have a bottle of Skating Pond--it's interesting-- very cool almost minty mossy earthy scent that tickles the nostrils.

    • scentsitivity | 21st February 2010 14:31

      I was wondering the same thing as Indie Guy! Is this a reissue of Skating Pond?

    • Primrose | 22nd February 2010 01:19

      Good point. Some companies will re-release a scent for a new market.

    • Niles | 22nd February 2010 04:15

      Interesting question. I'm not familiar with Skating Pond or Winter Olympics.

    • scentsitivity | 22nd February 2010 14:43

      Since it isn't in the directory, I will say this: Skating Pond initially reminded me of watercress. Eventually white florals emerged.

    • Flora | 23rd February 2010 05:57

      Maybe a little wet wool smell from your mittens from falling down? :wink: