Guerlain names Angelina Jolie as face for upcoming scent

by Judith Brockless, 23rd January, 2017

Guerlain has named Angelina Jolie as the icon of its new fragrance for women. 

Thierry Wasser has drawn inspiration from the actress and filmmaker to create a fragrance which expresses the concept of ‘notes of a woman’; the choices, emotions and dreams that embody modern femininity.

The partnership between Jolie and Guerlain was settled just over a year ago in December 2015.   However, the relationship goes back much further, to Angelina's childhood memory of her mother's love of Guerlain powder.

Well known for her humanitarian work, Jolie has donated her entire salary from the Guerlain campaign to charity.

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      • hednic | 23rd January 2017 21:03

        I think it's a good fit and the fact that all the proceeds are going to charity is great.

      • Ken_Russell | 23rd January 2017 21:12

        Thanks for posting. As long as their iconic, mostly unchanged and very high level fragrance quality is still there, they can name (almost) anyone they want.

      • Redneck Perfumisto | 23rd January 2017 23:03

        Very nice! Looking forward to the fragrance and the marketing, both of which could be really awesome. Guerlain has done some very classic ads over the years, and it would be wonderful to see some new ones associated with this fragrance. Much opportunity here.

      • rulopbo | 24th January 2017 00:49

        Hope this means Guerlain is finally entering on the full "americanized" best selling styles, which I enjoy a lot...

        "Americanized" meaning "sweet fresh girly garbage" pour femme... and "fresh clean acuatic/citrus garbage" pour homme...

        but still can't see Wasser fully accomplishing any of of this goals...

        (le petit robe was a good attempt... Ideal, not so much... sweet is not "clean")...

        Now that I think of it...... it will be super interesting to smell Wasser's attempt on Sauvage... that will be a chemical mess, no doubt... one will most probably die after smelling that sh#..........

        Would be a good test since with a Sauvage he wouldn't able to use high doses of sweets or vetiver or citruses to hide his lack of skills... these Sauvages are all about disonant mid and base chemical trying to find a harmony...

        I bet he'll use patchouli in high doses to hide his incompetence...

      • epapsiou | 24th January 2017 01:02

        You ,sir, are a very glass half-full kind of a person.

      • Beck | 24th January 2017 02:22

        Run run run and hide! The Guerlain army is coming behind you with 500ml bottles of Ideal to spray all over you!

      • rulopbo | 24th January 2017 02:31

        They cant catch me, I'm the gingerbread man...

        (but I do apologize for the rant... kind of... forgot it was an "article thread" and Guerlain/Wasser usually makes me end up with a written cacophony)....

      • Beck | 24th January 2017 02:39

        LOL. We hear you rant! No need to feel sorry. ;)

      • furrypine | 24th January 2017 06:33

        According to other news sources the name of the fragrance is "Mon Guerlain". They need this to be a huge hit more than they need it to be a stellar scent, because I can't imagine Jolie getting out of bed to do a beauty campaign for less than $10 million. I imagine it will be a gourmand-oriental in the vein of Black Opium; floral but not too flowery, sweet but nothing too juvenile. And Black Opium has done well, and smells okay. Not the worst thing they could try to copy!

      • Redneck Perfumisto | 24th January 2017 06:49

        Sometimes I find it remarkable that the "sweet fresh girly garbage" of my youth contained enough oakmoss to make IFRA put on helmets. Then again, men just go weak in the knees for the darndest stuff. All I can ask from over here in Café Testostérone is give us a knee-weakener.

        LOL. Well, as long as what it's half-full of ranges from elixir vitae to cyanide, I figure we've got it covered.

        Looking on the bright side, more great movies like - well, choose your own great movies - and more great fragrances like LDdB and Eau Vailable!

        Guerlain Army is the best. Those gals will hand you your XXX and a bill for your entire bank account. Retreat while you have a chance!

        Hey - you're not going to catch me complaining about somebody livening up the joint.

      • hitman | 24th January 2017 06:57

        [QUOTE]Well known for her humanitarian work, Jolie has donated her entire salary from the Guerlain campaign to charity.[/QUOTE]

        That is really appreciated.

        Hope to have another fantastic perfume from Guerlain.

      • Redneck Perfumisto | 24th January 2017 07:27

        Oooh la la - sign ME up for a bottle of that one.

        Remember - Wasser did the original Dior Addict EDP. That stuff was magic on my wife. They're still selling that one at big prices.

        Even though the brief alluded to in the article seems to call for something less risque than the themes of "Black Opium" and "Addict" (particularly with the humanitarian aspect), I don't think the kind of balanced gourmand floriental you're talking about couldn't ride under it and still match audience expectations - even using a wide variety of marketing campaigns. The thing is, finding the perfect one triggers the jackpot - good for all involved.

        [quote]a fragrance which expresses the concept of ‘notes of a woman’; the choices, emotions and dreams that embody modern femininity.[/quote]

        I just hope they added a little "Salt". Some of us like women for whom modern femininity means taking matters into their own hands by nature. Independence. It is so attractive, both onscreen and in real life.

      • Merve Ahunbay | 24th January 2017 08:51

        I'm a bit disappointed by the unoriginality of the name, especially after My Burberry.

      • gandhajala | 24th January 2017 10:43

        Balmain missed an opportunity to have Jolie as the face of Jolie Madame...

      • Judith Brockless (article author) | 24th January 2017 12:06

        I just hope they added a little "Salt". Some of us like women for whom modern femininity means taking matters into their own hands by nature. Independence. It is so attractive, both onscreen and in real life.[/QUOTE]

        I'll be honest, I was tempted to add 'whatever that means', but managed to resist. ;-)

        (P.S. I have no idea what's going on with the formatting in article comments, sorry!)

      • rulopbo | 24th January 2017 13:50

        Black opium, la vie est belle, flowerbomb, Armani Sí....

        Le petit robe noir is a take on this styles, and from what I've read it sells well, so I doubt they'll do a similar thing again...

        My guess is something like Dolce Light Blue, Coco Made, mixed with some airy and light stuff...

        Chanel's is going into this lately with the Chance bottles and the new n5 l eau... so I see this as their aimed competition...

      • Redneck Perfumisto | 24th January 2017 15:42

        LOL. As long as it means "as many kinds as possible", I'm happy!

        Yeah, it seems to be just a wee bit different! Not your fsult, in any case, but thanks!

        I kinda think you're right.

      • Beck | 25th January 2017 00:38

        LOL Redneck. I make all apologies to the Guerlain army here! I surrender and promise never to call you in vain again.

      • rulopbo | 25th January 2017 01:38

        Gingerbread man told you... ;)

      • Bal a Versailles | 14th February 2017 00:16

        Read something about she and ex (Brad Pitt) sharing Bvlgari Black. I see her as a contrarian, wearing the least expected, something like Apres L'Ondee. Let's face it, she can probably get Guerlain to make it for her, special like......sigh, so jealous