Calvin Klein launch CK All

31st January, 2017

CK All
Calvin Klein have launched CK All, a new unisex fragrance in the CK range.

Notes for the fragrance include mandarin in the head; citrus blossom and paradisone feature in the heart; and a dry down of amber, lily, rhubarb, musk and vetiver.

The company say: "This new fragrance is a blank canvas that represents a modern fluidity, where lines blur beyond any identifying markers and labels are cast aside. The individual is embraced as they stand and inclusivity is above all, there is ck all"

CK All is available from February.

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      • Redneck Perfumisto | 7th February 2017 13:45

        Interesting concept - I think I get it, too.

        CK tries to stay ahead, conceptually, and while that may leave some scratching their heads or rolling their eyes - particularly when the synthy side of juice pre-trendiness tends to be the norm - still, I have to give them credit for consistently innovative character in both fragrance and marketing.

        Paradisone is cool stuff, so looking forward to seeing where this went!

      • gandhajala | 7th February 2017 15:21

        Clever marketing, indeed.

        Given the target audience, it's a political message that's likely to find far greater resonance than that attached to, say, Penhaligon's recent Portraits collection.

        Hopefully the perfume itself is better than CK2, which was a very weak effort. Shame, because the bottle was cool.

      • NickZee | 1st March 2017 01:20

        Another one for the drugstore bargain bin.

      • Hothamwater | 3rd March 2017 06:19

        "modern fluidity". Like unisex fragrance is a new concept. Lol.

        Wonder how this weak chemical concoction compares to the rest of their crap from the last 15 years.

      • hednic | 15th March 2017 20:37

        No personal interest in this CK release either.

      • Dr. Z. | 30th March 2017 04:18

        After "Calvin" by Calvin Klein... with its tall, black, sleek bottle, (reminds me of "The Object" from Led Zep's Presence Lp)


        you've made the cerebral leap, I'm sure.