DKNY launch Candy Apples

by Grant Osborne, 24th February, 2010

DKNY are paying homage to the candy apple with three new fragrances. DKNY say that "creating a candy apple is about pairing the sweetness of candy with a juicy, ripe apple. You bite into a delicious candy shell, only to be greeted with the fresh crunch of a sweet apple centre.". Three new fragrances have been launched in the new range which are Sweet Caramel, Ripe Raspberry and Juicy Berry.

Here is how the fragrances are described by DKNY:

Sweet Caramel

"A whimsical candied fusion drizzles with luscious fruits, delicious flowers and mouth watering edibles. Tantalizing candy apple & pear tease you with temptation. A soft kiss of marshmallow is pure comfort. Decadent jasmine petals flirt with delicate muguet while velvety violet leaves add sparkle with an edge of green freshness. The fluid charm of creamy caramel is addictive as it liquefies with whipped vanilla. Satiate your sweet tooth with its playful seduction."

Ripe Raspberry

"Ripe luscious raspberries trickle a sweet glaze over crisp crunchy apples and effervescent lime. Their yummy juices are cushioned by fluffy peonies and sweet lilies before bursting with fragrant fizziness from a delicious cola accord. Simply red, simply yummy."

Juicy Berry

"Have a feast with plump little black currants and fat juicy blackberries. Fleshy pears and luscious lychee add to the mouth watering mélange. A fruity cocktail of nectar flows over velvety soft rose petals and deliciously delicate apple blossom. The fragrance finishes with a creamy layer of scrumptious sandalwood and sugary blonde woods. Juicy Berry is very berry, very DKNY."

The fragrances have been available exclusively in the US from Sephora, from February in Germany from Douglas. The ranges launches in March in the UK exclusive to Boots.

For those with a sweet tooth, you may want to check out the commercial:

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    • illyria | 25th February 2010 14:50

      Not for me - they sound like they wouldn't be allowed on my diet! ;-)

    • heparfumerie | 26th February 2010 18:05

      Sweetness overdose! DKNY we don't need anymore apples.

    • Theasylph | 28th February 2010 00:28

      Great! Perfume for 5 year olds. Cute ad, but it seriously looks like an ad for a new candy. It definitely doesn't look like a fragrance ad for anyone over 17. Seriously, what's their target market with this?

    • Madame du Barry | 28th February 2010 12:09

      Another diabetes inducing one? No, thank you. :undecided: