Guerlain adds Sport flanker to L'Homme Ideal line

11th April, 2017

L'Homme Ideal Sport
L'Homme Ideal Sport is the latest masculine fragrance by Guerlain. The perfumer was created by Delphine Jelk and Thierry Wasser.

Notes include almond, fresh spices, aquatic notes, neroli, coumarin, vetiver and patchouli


The company say:

To reveal the eau de toilette’s sporting potential, Thierry Wasser, Guerlain’s Master Perfumer, and Delphine Jelk, Guerlain Perfumer, have given the almond note a boost of vitality, energising it with fresh spices and a wave of aquatic notes. Neroli essence delicately enfolds it. Last but not least, the winning trio of coumarin, vetiver and patchouli brings strength, vigour and sensuality to this “active water”. 

L'Homme Ideal Sport is available now as 50 and 100 ml.

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      • hednic | 11th April 2017 13:45

        Looking forward to this release.

      • gandhajala | 11th April 2017 14:22

        First Barry Manilow comes out as gay, now Guerlain announce a sport flanker to L'Homme Idéal; it's just one surprise after another this week!

      • Redneck Perfumisto | 11th April 2017 15:04

        The bottle is also blue.

        Like Manilow, the whole thing sounds quite impossible. Still, such extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence, so a visit to Guerlain is required. Just as a copy of the National Enquirer will be obtained immediately.

      • David Ruskin | 11th April 2017 16:46

        Bary Manilow coming out as gay is not a surprise.

      • rulopbo | 11th April 2017 21:48

        Not much interest in this Guerlain nor in Barry Manilow... but will like to read some reports after someone tests it...

        The Guerlain... not the Manilow...

      • David Ruskin | 12th April 2017 18:30

        I think the Sports flanker is a surprise, and not in a good way. Guerlain seems to be going the same way as Dior; for the same reason.

      • gandhajala | 12th April 2017 19:28


        Guerlain have form here with Habit Rouge Sport (2009).

        Given their love of flankers and trajectory with recent perfumes, I'm willing to bet L'Homme Idéal Intense/Nuit/L'eau is already queued for release.

      • hitman | 12th April 2017 19:34

        IMO, its "Cologne" is already much "Sporty".

      • David Ruskin | 12th April 2017 20:23

        I am clearly not as offay as some about Guerlain, but I think that launching "flankers" is tacky; a sports version doubly so. Twenty years ago Guerlain would not have done this. But twenty years ago Guerlain wasn't owned.

      • gandhajala | 13th April 2017 13:07

        Very true, David.

        The Decline and Fall of Guerlain...

      • pluran | 15th April 2017 00:13

        Creative director Sylvaine Delacourt is cute but she's apparently part bimbo. Other than a couple of good things Guerlain has sucked for the last ten years. I'd be surprised if they ever make another great fragrance. Isabelle Rousseau might be the best thing there, but as far as I know the only thing she does is reply to messages like mine, the last one telling them to make a vetiver fragrance that's actually worth buying. I even gave ideas to Thierry Wasser about how to do it.

        Edit: Just bought the first pristine 100ML bottle of 96-99 vintage Guerlain Vetiver EDC I've seen in many years. Amazing how fast Law of Attraction works when the desire is backed by powerful emotions. A great fragrance in the original EDC paragon of blending concentration it was intended to be. Substantial vetiver, and fortunately nothing sweet here. Has little to do with this thread, but it makes me feel better when I think about Guerlain.

      • Diamondflame | 17th April 2017 08:54

        I agree it's less than ideal. Had Guerlain fans been more supportive and buy their modern releases instead of hunting down vintages on eBay perhaps they might not have gone down this route. ;-)

      • David Ruskin | 17th April 2017 10:24

        Had their modern releases been more worthy of being bought they would not have gone down this route.