New fragrance from Bruno Fazzolari : Feu Secret

10th May, 2017

Feu Secret
Bruno Fazzolari's latest fragrance is Feu Secret, which translates as 'secret fire'/

Notes include orris butter, spruce, eucalyptus, turmeric, pink pepper, himalayan cedar, birch tar and vanilla

Bruno Fazzolari says:

Secret fire of the alchemists. Our first release in over a year! The elusive scent of orris root smolders with spice, cedar and smoke in a transformative hidden fire. Bright, joyful and ardent.

Feu Secret is available now from the brands website.

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      • hednic | 10th May 2017 14:53

        Notes sound interesting.

      • IsoESuperman | 10th May 2017 16:25

        Am I just having Déjà vu or was there already one of these articles? It's been out for a while now, a recommended try for anyone who likes real orris.

        I enjoyed it although found it to have less "Bruno" in it - I guess it seems a bit safer/less unique than the rest of his line. Still, a nice use of (supposedly) real orris butter.