House of Matriarch launch perfume trio inspired by Twin Peaks

by Judith Brockless, 16th May, 2017

Seattle-based perfumery House of Matriarch have launched a collection of three new fragrances, the ‘Twin Peaks’ inspired ‘Wonderful and Strange Liquid Music Trio’.

"25 years have passed since Laura Palmer, the troubled coquette employed at the perfume counter of Horne’s Department Store in David Lynch’s ‘Twin Peaks’, made her impression on our minds and hearts. Since, the echoes of the haunting chords of the famous soundtrack have kept her memory and the mysteries surrounding her death brewing in the collective consciousness.

House of Matriarch perfumer Christi Meshell has returned to this music again and again over the years for its haunting mood. Residing near the Snoqualmie Forest where the series was filmed, Christi has a deep knowing of how those dark woods smell.

When Christi saw a video of Angelo Badalamenti, the composer of the famous soundtrack, recounting the story of how he and David Lynch sat together at his piano to co-compose the soundtrack, Christi began to imagine the aromas which seemed to accompany the famous question still being asked: “Who killed Laura Palmer?”"

There are three fragrances in the collection: the evergreen Future’s Past, red perfume The Red Room and powdery, dreamy World of Blue. A limited edition collection, 13% of the proceeds from the sale of the Wonderful and Strange Trio will be donated to the David Lynch Foundation.


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      • broguesforsir | 16th May 2017 18:56

        Very excited by these. Big, big TP fan. Scents sound interesting and packaging looks really cool.

      • thediamondsea | 17th May 2017 20:19

        The perfume counter (and, by extension, perfume) is a crucial piece of Twin Peaks history. Who could be better than HofM to create these?

      • JohnPal | 17th May 2017 22:46


        I'm a big fan of Twin Peaks. I find the lore contained within the series as well as the moody, earthy, woodsy tone lends itself to fragrance inspiration!

      • Scent Detective | 24th May 2017 06:37

        I'm definitely in for the Future's Past evergreen fragrance as I'm a huge conifer fragrance junkie!!! When will these be released???

      • broguesforsir | 11th March 2018 12:52

        Did anyone get their nose on these, per chance? I didn't have an opportunity to, unfortunately. There aren't any reviews here on BN and I'd be interested to read the opinions of anyone who has tested them. Thanks.