Roxana Illuminated Perfumes create second Choclat series

by Grant Osborne, 25th February, 2010

Roxana Illuminated Perfumes have extended their Chocolate Natural Perfume series with five new scents, which the company describe as "enchanting little wonders to tempt, taunt and tease". The new quintette of fragrances feature notes of: Rose, Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Vanilla Orchid Bean and Oak.

The new fragrances as described by Roxana are:

Figure 7: Pétales

The classic combination of Chocolate and Roses.

Queen of fragrances, Rose, adored by ancient Greeks, Romans, Persians and the courts of European Renaissance marries the magical seeds from the Aztec Indian legends.

Figure 8: Coeur de Jasmin

Rich heart of Jasmine enveloped by Chocolate.

The heady, full bodied grand dame of India mates with cacao like the acclaimed drink of the Medici dynasty during the 17th century Italian Renaissance.

Figure 9: Fleurs de Orange

A buzz with Orange blossom flowers and honey

Delicate and euphoric white Orange blossoms, originating in the Far East, perform an enchanting classical ballet.

Figure 10: Blanc

Opposite of Noir, a milk chocolate truffle featuring the Vanilla Orchid Bean at center stage.

Figure 11: Chêne

A tribute to the mighty Oak with notes of wood, resin, aloes wood and moss.

Available in a myriad of forms from clustered samples, individual truffles and a variety of sets including two golden Coeur de Chocolat boxes. See

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    • jasonx | 27th February 2010 06:05

      Has anyone tried these? I'm really curious about these chocolate creations but longevity and sillage of solid perfumes suck on my skin.

    • angiefunk | 28th February 2010 06:49

      I am in love with Roxana's perfumes. She truly has a gift with perfume making, I have never been disappointed with her scents. I have had the opportunity to try all of the 5 scents listed plus 1 more that is not listed and I have to say they are all wonderful. For all of them the silage is good for a cream perfume- a few feet around you. The longevity is about 2-5 hours depending on the base and what works for your body chemistry.

      FIG 3. La Foret is truly beautiful, it reminds me of a Christmas tree in the middle of a snowy forest decorated with dried oranges slices and strands of cloves with little dark chocolate angel at the top.

      FIG 7. Petales is a very pretty perfume with a lovely bright rose scent, defiantly not your grandmas soapy rose perfume. It smells like a bouquet of fresh cut long stem roses with a hint of dark chocolate.

      FIG 8. Coeur de Jasmin is intoxicating and beautiful. This perfume reminds me of the pretty star jasmine plants that make me swoon in the spring. The chocolate is perfect compliment bringing out the creamy floral scent of the jasmine. Coeur de Jasmin is a true floral scent not a gourmand.

      FIG 9. Fleurs de Orange brightens my day with it's happy bright floral scent. This is a great perfume for those whom have a cloudy, wet winter. It has the power of the stunning orange blossoms to lift the spirits and give you a little sunshine.

      FIG 10. Blanc is a pretty gourmand with the creamy vanilla and dark chocolate melding together into sweet perfection. If you want a true chocolate scent this is for you. Just be warned others may want to take a bite of you while wearing this.

      FIG 11. Chene absolutely beautiful oak scent with a hint of chocolate. I love the smokey qualities of this scent with the fresh green of the oak lingering on the skin. I have never found another perfumer that can do Smokey, wood scents like Roxana.

      Roxana is a wonderful perfumer and has great customer service. She will listen to your likes and dislikes to find the perfect perfume that will make you fall in love with natural perfumes. I love the heart shaped box, I think it a beautiful presentation of the cute chocolate perfumes and has a nice vintage feel to it.

    • PawelL | 15th March 2010 23:36

      I'm sorry but the packaging is really tacky.