Debut Fragrance from Strellson

by Sandra Rose, 03rd March, 2010

Mäurer & Wirtz has revealed the debut male fragrance from Strellson, the Swiss fashion and lifestyle brand . Strellson No1 features top notes of frozen lemon, iris and black pepper. The heart is a blend of elemi resin and lavender. The base features a ‘Wacapou’ wood accord from the South American tree.

The Strellson No1 range will include 30ml, 50ml and 100ml edt sprays, 50ml and 100ml aftershave lotions, a 200ml shower gel, a 75ml deodorant stick and a 150ml deodorant spray.

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    • david | 3rd March 2010 10:42


      Looks fantastic!!!

      .....let´s hope the fragrance inside is as good as the flacon design.

      M W have created some amazing perfumes in the past. My favourite being Marrakech Tales/Fishbone. Everyone should check these out, allthough, sadly both have been discontinued and can now only be found on ebay.

    • david | 3rd March 2010 10:48

      Who is the creator of this fragrance ?

    • Grant | 3rd March 2010 14:04

      Givaudan is the company behind the juice, but no word on the perfumer.

    • Sorcery of Scent | 3rd March 2010 17:35

      Will be sure to wave this one under my nose. I generally love anything with elemi and lavender.

    • odysseusm | 3rd March 2010 18:55

      Yes, this sounds pretty interesting. I'll watch for it!

    • SillageMonger | 4th March 2010 02:26

      Hopefully it will be on the shelves of German department stores this month! I am flying to Germany three times in March, so I will be on the lookout for Strellson and report back on it if I find it! If anyone else finds it, please post! Thanks!

    • DeepSilence | 6th March 2010 03:43

      how do you know what the perfume smells from combination?

      learn me.

      what do you undrestand from this?:

      "frozen lemon, iris and black pepper. The heart is a blend of elemi resin and lavender"

    • Craig | 6th March 2010 14:32

      They've got no samples to either supply or purchase and the fragrance is not available in the UK for the time being. That's come from having e-mailed them, so I hope someone like First in Fragrance or another European company will stock this, as it is something I would like to try.

    • gmb | 21st March 2010 14:35

      Samples seem to be getting out there. I just placed an order from Douglas Online and one of the "sample" options was Strellson. They don't seem to have the fragrance available for order, yet, though having the sample suggests that they will in the future.