Jovoy opens new perfume store in London's Conduit Street

15th June, 2017

Paris-based perfumery, Jovoy, have opened a new store in London. As well as the company’s own perfumes, the store also has fragrance brands which haven’t been available in the UK before such as Rania J and Begim.

Jovoy founder, François Henin, says “the new London store will offer a unique customer experience both in terms of choice and service. The selection of fragrances will include a number of London — and occasionally world — exclusives and customers will be encouraged to experiment and sample in a relaxed and welcoming environment.”

“I would like to think of Jovoy London as a fragrance hub in the centre of this vibrant and exciting city. A place where perfume lovers can get together to exchange ideas and explore what is new in the world of scent.

Francois Henin in the new Jovoy store in London

Here is the full list of brands available at the store :

  • Aedes de Venustas
  • Alexander J*
  • Arty Fragrance *
  • Atelier Flou
  • Begim *
  • Berry *
  • Berdoues
  • Chabaud
  • Dauphine *
  • Eight & Bob
  • E.Coudray
  • Evody
  • Eternal Gentleman
  • House of Oud
  • Isabey
  • Jacques Fath
  • Jeroboam
  • John Paul Welton
  • Jovoy
  • Fragance du Bois *
  • Grossmith London
  • Indult
  • Institut très Bien
  • Jul et Mad *
  • La Parfumerie Moderne
  • M.Miccalef * *
  • MDCI
  • Nejma
  • Neela Vermeire Créations 
  • Olfactive Studio
  • Parfumeur du Monde *
  • Prudence**
  • Puredistance
  • Rania J *
  • The Different Company * *
  • Volnay
  • Widian

* UK Exclusive to Jovoy
** Some products in line exclusive to Jovoy in the UK

Jovoy London is at 21 Conduit Street, London, W1S 2XP


Update 19 June: In the original version of this article, we incorrectly stated that Neela Vermeire was exclusive to Jovoy. Additionally, the Australian brand Prudence will have some exclusive fragrances in Jovoy. The article has now been amended to reflect this.

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      • hednic | 15th June 2017 16:14

        Wonderful news for our UK Basenoters!

      • rum | 15th June 2017 17:28

        This is indeed very exciting news! Lots of new lines for London and some that were otherwise not readily available here.

        Harrods, eat your heart out!!

      • gandhajala | 15th June 2017 18:44

        Fantastic news for us.

        The rent around there must be only marginally less astronomical than their Paris address.

        Good luck to Mr. Henin - I've chatted with him a couple of times at his store and he's always been incredibly friendly and helpful and not at all pushy.

        I think Neela Vermeire is sold at Roullier White, though.

      • Parfumsisabelle | 16th June 2017 15:52

        So proud to be one of the Parfumeurs du monde, sold in exclusivity at Jovoy London! My perfume Kashi from the Parfumeurs du Monde collection is a personal patchouli interpretation and apparently, there is a kind of patchoulimania going on at the moment. The perfumes are 100% natural too.

      • hednic | 16th June 2017 16:01

        I was recently in Jovoy in Paris and saw and tried these. They are very nice. Do they only come in 30ml sizes for purchase?

      • Kaern | 16th June 2017 16:08

        Les Senteurs stock Neela Vermeire -- very nice they are to

      • Parfumsisabelle | 16th June 2017 16:45

        Thank you for your appreciation. For the moment they are only available in 30 ml sizes because we only use 100% naturals and the costs of production are high. 100 ml would not be viable but we are discussing 60 ml content.

      • Man Of The World | 2nd March 2020 10:53

        Just in case anyone is interested. Jovoy have now discontinued their 50ml bottles which is a real bummer. Only available in 100ml from now on.

      • hednic | 2nd March 2020 12:00

        That makes me happy though!

      • Man Of The World | 2nd March 2020 12:20

        I hear you Hednic and certainly get your point. They do some lovely stuff so why not have as much as you can? It certainly works out better price-wise per ml. I just think that there was a place for their 50ml bottles. Really strong and opulent fragrances so for a lot of people 50ml would just about do it.