4711 celebrates 225 year anniversary with Remix Cologne, and a new look for the Glockengasse flagship store.

06th July, 2017

4711 have launched a limited edition version of their classic cologne to celebrate its 225 year anniversary. The new 4711 Remix Cologne asks the question “What kind of scent would a classic cologne exhibit today?”

4711 in-house perfumer Alexandra Kalle worked with Firmenich’s Vincent Schaller to answer this, and used ingredients from the original eau de cologne in a new combination and enhanced with gentle notes.

Kalle refers to “the traditional cologne elements of bergamot, lemon, orange, petitgrain, lavender and rosemary complemented with gentle, elegant notes. This freshness is softer and less direct yet is unmistakably from the world of 4711 Original Eau de Cologne. Playing off one another, and combining old and new, the ingredients unite to create the beloved cologne freshness with a longer staying power.”

4711 Remix Cologne

The company are also giving a new look to their flagship Glockengasse store in Cologne. The store is currently closed for refurbishment and aims to re-open next year.

The company say:

The blend of modern architecture and historic elements uniquely showcases the iconic 4711 brand.

Experience the combination of tradition-rich history and classic artisan perfume-making during your next visit after our flagship store re-opens.

 Although the fragrance seminars and guided tours will not be available during renovation work, you can still explore the entire product range at the pop-up store in the neighbouring Opernpassagen.

4711 Remix Cologne is launched as a limited edition of 24,000 bottles and will be available exclusively at Müller Prestige stores, at the Pop-up House of 4711 in Opernpassagen, Cologne', in the cathedral shop and at selected outlets outside of Germany.

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      • hednic | 6th July 2017 18:42

        Unfortunately this one seems like it won't have wide distribution

      • Ken_Russell | 6th July 2017 18:58

        Thanks for sharing, still a wonderful fragrance, especially in summer, after all these years

      • RHM | 9th July 2017 17:19

        Wish I could get my hands on this one!

      • tspencer | 11th July 2017 05:24

        I am thinking about trying to obtain a bottle, if possible. I enjoy the original 4711. I hope they don't change their historic store too much. It was nice the way it was and I hope their labels stays the same too. I love the aqua+gold colors and elegant font and decoration on the label.