Arielle Shoshana Launches Its First Fragrance: Arielle Shoshana Eau de Parfum

03rd August, 2017

Earlier this summer, Washington perfume boutique, Arielle Shoshana introduced their debut eponymous Eau de Parfum, which is inspired by passion fruit.

Arielle Shoshana was founded by Arielle Weinberg, who also runs the blog, Scents of Self. Weinberg, who says that passion fruit is her all-time favourite food, turned to senior Mane perfumer Cécile Hua to create the scent, who drew upon years of experience with supercritical fluid extraction (a proprietary technique developed by MANE) to create a passion fruit extract more realistic than any before it.

The company say:

Hua’s passion fruit was already practically a perfume in itself, but the unexpected tang of saffron elevates Arielle Shoshana Eau de Parfum into a fragrance worthy of the Arielle Shoshana mission statement: “fragrances as interesting as you are.” Sandalwood and amber notes give the drydown fullness and warmth.

Arielle Weinberg
“The first time I saw a passion fruit opened, I screamed,” says Arielle Weinberg, founder of Arielle Shoshana. “It’s such a bizarre-looking fruit. Totally unexpected. I wanted the fragrance to capture the experience of that first passion fruit: the shock of the unexpected, closely followed by delight.”

Arielle Shoshana Eau de Parfum is made in the U.S.A with a 25% concentration of fragrance oil. The scent is available now at the Arielle Shoshana store and website: 100ml for $125.

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      • hednic | 3rd August 2017 18:45

        Smelled it at her boutique. Very nice.