Missoni launch new men's scent: Missoni Parfum pour Home

08th August, 2017

Missoni Parfum pour Homme
Missoni have launched their first men's fragrance in twenty years (the last men's scent from the brand was Noi Uomini from 1997. The new fragrance, Missoni Parfum pour Homme, is "designed for the seductive man who has an elegance to match but who is never conventional".

Notes for the fragrance include green lemon leaves, green lemon, pink grapefruit and lavender in the head; a heart of Meditteranean maquis herbs, ginger, pomarose and jasmine; and a dry down of oak, sandalwood, birch, patchouli and musk.

The woody-fougere scent is housed in a dark-tinted bottle crowned with a metal cap with a magnetic closure. The cap is engraved in a sculptural style with Missoni’s zig zag motif.

Missoni Parfum pour Homme is available now (in the UK exclusively at Harrods) and as well as Eau de Parfum (30ml, 50ml and 100ml), it is complemented with a Bath & Body line that consists of After Shave Lotion, After Shave Balm, Perfumed Deodorant, Deodorant Stick, and Perfumed Bath & Shower Gel.

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      • hednic | 8th August 2017 19:55

        Definitely worth a try!

      • Eau Absolutely | 9th August 2017 10:49

        Extra info for UK basenoters:

        The range includes Eau de Parfum Nat Spray (33/30ml), Eau de Parfum Nat Spray (45/50ml), Eau de Parfum Nat Spray (62/100ml), After Shave Balm Tube (24.50/100ml), Deodorant Stick (22/75ml) and Perfumed Bath & Shower Gel (24/250ml). Launches exclusively at Harrods 7 August, nationwide October 2017.

      • Cook.bot | 9th August 2017 14:54

        That is one macho looking bottle. And it *does* sound pretty delish. But what the heck is a "pomarose"?

        (At first I thought it said PORN-a-rose, which would have been far more amusing.)

      • Eau Absolutely | 9th August 2017 17:37

        The technical explanation of pomarose: "Pomarose is a high-impact captive odorant patented by Givaudan. It is a double-unsaturated ketone that does not occur in nature. Pomarose is a fruity rose odor with nuances of apples, plums and raisins"


        No, I'd never heard of it before either. :D

        So that gives us, in plainer English:

        Top: green lemon leaves, green lemon, pink grapefruit and lavender;

        Heart: Mediterranean maquis herbs, ginger, fruity rose and jasmine;

        Base: oak, sandalwood, birch, patchouli and musk

        This one has me really very interested, something different - don't think I'd blind buy a bottle but it's on my 'must sample' list.