Guerlain's latest scent is Lui - The perfume for a new gender order

14th August, 2017

Guerlain's latest fragrance, Lui, is described as "The perfume for a new gender order."

They say:

Gender is not something that is determined, but a game in which everyone can reinvent the rules, put a twist on tradition and blend the lines between femininity and masculinity, all the better to slip from one to the other and reinvent yourself day after day.

Gender fluidity is an attitude that comes to us straight from the roaring twenties... when women wore trousers for the first time, adopted a cropped haircut or sported a cigarette between their lips. Today, the same desire for  is inspiring a whole that is breaking free from traditional divides and shaking up stereotypes to affirm every facet of their identity. This breath of creative daring has given Guerlain the idea for an unmistakably universal scent. 

Liu advertisement
The fragrance, created by Delphine Jelk under the creative direction of Thierry Wasser, features top notes of clove and pear; a heart of benzoin and carnation; and a dry down of leather, vanilla, musk, woods and smoky notes.

Lui's packaging design and name take inspiration from the similarly named Guerlain fragrance, Liù, which was created by Jacques Guerlain in 1929.

Lui is available now in Guerlain boutiques with a wider roll-out to follow in September 2017.

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      • hednic | 14th August 2017 14:59

        Has anyone gotten their hands on this one yet?

      • | 15th August 2017 00:23

        The notes sound luscious, but recent Guerlains leave me skeptical.

        There seem to be some words missing in one paragraph:

        "Today, the same desire for is inspiring a whole that is breaking free from traditional divides "

      • jujy54 | 15th August 2017 06:28

        Lui is, of course Liù, reordered. Hmmmm. . .

      • hitman | 17th August 2017 09:15

        How did you guess it? :p

      • ScentBound | 17th August 2017 12:13

        If the excerpt from Guerlain comes straight from their ad materials, they are in dire need of someone with proofreading skills. The stylistic mistakes aside, I'm curious to try this even though words like "universal" don't give me much hope of anything good.

      • saminlondon | 17th August 2017 12:29

        I tried it and didn't like it. At all. The clove note is very strong - be warned!

      • PerfumedLady | 17th August 2017 12:42

        This is confusing! What on earth does a clove bomb have to do with original Liu, a jasmine-laden floral aldehyde? Guess I'll just have to smell for myself but Sam, your thoughts have my hopes drooping.

        And agree the blurb is just terribly written. Chanel did it so much better with Boy, whatever one thinks of the actual scent. I'm honestly starting to wonder if LVMH is trying to ruin Guerlain:(

      • The-odor | 19th August 2017 10:41

        I love the clove note in CdG original Eau de Parfum, is it similar to this one?

        Geurlian's creativity is quite impressive with this Lui. Can't wait for Hibat Ruoge and Shilamir

      • hednic | 19th August 2017 15:49

        Just bought this yesterday. Looking forward to receiving it early next week.

      • Vmaster | 20th August 2017 04:47

        I look forward to your review, hednic.

      • JuiceJunkie | 18th September 2017 20:27

        Surely a new gender order would just wear what they want — and not give a toss.

      • hednic | 18th September 2017 21:26

        Sorry it took me so long to get back. I'll share impressions as I don't do in-depth reviews. For me this is a very pleasant smelling oriental. Love the spiced, fruity opening. It reminds me of some of the smells one gets at autumn festivals in my area. Also love the smoky woody dry down which I find soothing and relaxing. It wears well on my skin and lasts from early morning to late afternoon. Warm and calming. Not disappointed.